Testimonials for Prepped and Polished Tutoring and Test Preparation

Prepped and Polished was created to provide students with individualized tutoring and test preparation services they need to attain optimum academic performance and scores on the SAT, ACT, AP exam, graduate school entry exam, ISEE, SAT subject tests, and SSAT. Today, our elite tutoring team accomplishes this by bringing their professional experience, academic accolades and individual insights to each one-on-one tutoring session. All of our sessions are held one on one to customize the curriculum to your student, foster engagement and easily fit into your busy schedule time. With the help of our top tutoring staff, students have been able to maximize their standardized test results and boost performance in difficult courses.  Browse some of our student and parent testimonials below to discover why Prepped and Polished is the best test prep and tutoring service in Massachusetts, New England and throughout the United States.

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ACT Testimonials

Allison F. (Evansville, IN)
I got my ACT scores back. I got a 36 for English (75/75), 36 for Math (58/60), 36 for Reading (39/40), and 36 for Science (39/40)… for a composite score of 36! Wooo!
Allison F's Perfect ACT score

Allison F's Perfect ACT Score

Elizabeth & Tim S. (Wayland, MA)
We hired Alexis to tutor our daughter for the SATs and ACTs. After his first meeting with her, he suggested that we focus all of our tutoring on the ACTs since he felt she had a better chance of doing well on that test. He was very flexible with his schedule, and gave her valuable practice tests and homework to do in between meetings. She took the ACTs once and scored much higher than expected for a student with her G.P.A. What a relief! Now our daughter can look at more challenging schools because of her scores! Alexis was a very good value, since he needed much less time than we expected teaching her to do well on her test.
Uldis S. (Norwell, MA)
Alexis was instrumental in preparing my daughter for the SAT and ACT exams. We engaged Alexis a second time to analyze results and seek additional improvement for top-flight colleges, and we were also successful in achieving this result. My daughter is now performing well in a pre-pharma track at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Carmen B. (Woburn, MA)
I am pleased to provide my strongest possible recommendation for Alexis Avila. Alexis has worked with my oldest son and is currently working with his brother preparing for the SAT exam. Both children are good students attending boarding schools (Milton Academy and Lawrence Academy) but have had difficulty with standardized testing. Alexis provided the boys with a practical understanding of the tests and taught useful strategies for both the SAT and ACT. My oldest son showed significant improvement of his scores as he worked with Alexis and is now attending Lawrence University, which was his first choice. In addition to providing quality study tools and strategies, Alexis was able to adapt to the boys’ busy athletic schedules, ensuring they completed the full course of study in time to make an impact on their test performance. The boys both felt very comfortable with Alexis and more confident taking the tests after working closely with him. I plan to have my younger boys work with Alexis and feel the investment was worth the benefit to my older children.
Karen J. (Natick, MA)
We were very happy with our experience at Prepped and Polished. They really helped my daughter to get confident and comfortable with the whole ACT format. Her tutor spent a lot of time helping her in the areas where he determined that she specifically needed help. In the end, my daughter was confident going into the test and brought her ACT score up by 4 points – which is HUGE! We highly recommend Prepped and Polished.
Sue (Newton, MA)
I want to thank you for the tremendous support you provided to our son as he prepared for the ACT this spring. He was motivated to work with the tutor based on his belief in her approach and the positive experience he had in the practice tests. As you know, our son performed solidly the first time he took it but he was even more pleased with the second taking of the test when his composite score went up 2 points. (Focusing on his strengths and addressing his weaker areas meant his high scores on both science and reading helped offset the lower score on math which, as it was, came up 3 points from the first time.)
Alex L. (Sherborn, MA)
I completed my test yesterday and am extremely happy with my results. I got a 6 on Integrated Reasoning, which was better than any of my practice test scores. My Quantitative was a 49 and my Verbal was a 34, for a total of 690, which tied my best practice score. The dry-erase sheets were actually easy to get used to. The pens dry very quickly (within a second or so), so I never had any problems smudging the text.

I saw one data sufficiency problem during the test that was especially hard and reminded me of a practice problem you pointed out as one of the hardest. It involved finding the remainder of a variable when it is divided by 5 and the clues didn’t involve any concrete numbers, just more variables.

Thank you for all of your help with the ACT test preparation. My dad and I are thrilled with how everything turned out.

Dana J. (Sudbury, MA)
We had an outstanding experience with Prepped and Polished. Our tutor (Jon) was just terrific. He not only prepared our daughter exceptionally well for the ACT but he also helped to reduce her anxiety and set her expectations about the entire testing experience. They weren’t the least expensive alternative, but well worth the investment, especially given that our daughter was just admitted to her first-choice school (Boston College). I will most definitely use Prepped and Polished again when my younger daughter is ready for the college admissions process.
S. Nangia (New Jersey)
You will be pleased to know that our son scored a 35 on the ACT! The breakdown was 35-E, 34-M, 35-R, and 34-S. Thank you so much for your help in getting that big jump, particularly in Science! Your targeted help went a long way!

Laurie W. (Weston, MA)
We wanted to share the good news that our son’s ACT scores improved from a 21 to a composite of 26. We are pleased with the increased performance in English and Reading. The excellent tutelage paid off!

Lynn F. (Medfield, MA)
The two times that I needed help for my daughter, Alexis was quick to respond and found the perfect tutor on both occasions. My daughter was able to increase both her ACT and SAT scores, allowing her to be accepted into the colleges of her choice, and was able to understand her Honors Calculus class and obtain a higher grade. Really professional environment. I will strongly recommend it.
Carol M. (Lexington, MA)
You provided excellent ACT tutoring for my son last year. His scores and understanding increased to the point where he was accepted into Rochester Institute of Technology.
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GMAT Testimonials

Ryan S. (Melrose, MA)
I reached out to Alexis for his advice on preparing for the GMAT test. After we had a discussion regarding where I currently was at (Practice Exam Score) and what my goals were, Alexis set forward a schedule of tutoring sessions and found a tutor that fit my needs. Jason was the tutor that Alexis set me up with and he was terrific. Having been a GMAT 760 scorer, he knew firsthand what it took to achieve a high score on the GMAT. My goal was to earn a 700, a benchmark that most highly-rated schools look for. Over the 10 weeks, I saw gradual progress in my practice score tests. Alexis checked in weekly to ensure that everything was going well. When I took the test, I felt fully prepared for the challenges of the GMAT. I scored much better than the 700 goal score I set – I scored a 740! Thank you to my tutor, Jason! Thank you to Alexis and Prepped and Polished!
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GRE Testimonials

Julie D. (Upton, MA)
My son worked with Terri on ACT prep. With directed support, he increased his score substantially. His composite score was 35. After each session, I was provided with a detailed summary of what had been covered as well as expectations for the next session. Alexis promptly returned all emails. Overall, super easy to work with and the results were better than we had expected possible!
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ISEE Testimonials

Laura G. (Newton, MA)
Over the past six months, Adam has worked with our eleven-year-old, Benjamin, who needed both ISEE test prep and executive functioning tutoring. Being a Montessori kid who hadn’t seen a standardized test in his life, and one with some anxiety and a deep lack of organizational skills, Adam was handed quite a challenge. But, he approached Ben with humor and confidence, immediately putting him at ease, and opening him up to get out of his comfort zone and absorb new skills, materials, and processes. As a result, Ben did well on the ISEE, and is far better able to manage his own portfolio as his homework load begins to increase along the on-ramp to middle school. Adam continues to push Ben just a bit more every session, but brings a little fun into each, and Ben’s anxiety level over entering the heavier expectations of middle school is much eased knowing Adam will be a resource at his side.
Daniel C. (Wellesley, MA)
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your work with our son during the recent months in preparation for the ISEE. He felt good about the test—there were certainly some difficult patches, but he weathered it all and he said he completed all of the sections in time (a fact that alone suggests he made some good progress over recent months) and he thought he did pretty well. There is little doubt in our mind that your work with him was of great assistance to him both in terms of fundamentals—as you know, he has not yet studied at school much of the mathematics that was on the test, so your work with him gave him a fighting chance on a lot of that material—and in terms of boosting his personal confidence. Thanks very much for all your help.
Cathy N. (Natick, MA)
We are so grateful that we found Prepped and Polished online tutoring services, and that Alexis set us up with our ISEE and Writing tutor, Terri! Terri, you have been such a huge help for our daughter—both in her confidence level and her academics!!! We can’t thank you enough!!!
Parent (Brookline, MA)
Name withheld (Chestnut Hill, MA)
Getting into a top private school takes a lot of work and organization, even for a top student. Alexis was extremely methodical and identified our son’s weaknesses and strengths and worked tirelessly with him in preparation for the ISEE and SSAT. Beyond raw learning, he steadily built his confidence and enhanced his test-taking abilities. Most important, while the experience was intense, Alexis always worked to make it non-stressful. Our son applied to the three most competitive schools in the area and got into two of his top choices. The results are there! We would recommend him wholeheartedly.
Nathalie W. (Cambridge, MA)
Alexis was an excellent SSAT and ISEE coach for my son. He narrowed in on my son’s needs and exercised great diligence in his approach.
Tom U. (Wellesley, MA)
Alex tutored three of my children in preparation for the ISEE, SAT, and GRE exams. Each child had different needs and issues preparing for exams. Alex tailored his approach with accuracy and insight, working effectively with each child to ensure an excellent result.
Adrienne B. (Newton, MA)
We initially contacted Prepped and Polished for ISEE preparation for one of our children. The study methods were both effective and fun, causing us to continue the services for both of our children throughout the school year.
Fran H. (Wellesley, MA)
I have hired Alexis and Prepped and Polished to tutor my twins for two years in a row. He first worked with them in the beginning of their 6th grade year in preparation for their first ISEE. After six or eight sessions, both kids were relaxed and prepared to take the standardized test. They also found it helpful to use Prepped and Polished as a weekly resource to resolve any math questions they had for their regular schoolwork. Their tutor was knowledgeable, punctual, and efficient, yet relaxed and calm. Both kids always looked forward to their sessions with him. This year we followed a similar six- to eight-session warm-up for the test, except that, at their tutor’s suggestion, we separated the kids so they could benefit from a one-on-one. I appreciated the way he spent time on the actual material but also addressed test-taking strategies (timing, scoring, etc.), so the kids knew what to do. It worked out really well and when we received the test results our hopes were confirmed. They improved significantly over last year’s results and we were very happy with their overall scores. Their success was certainly enhanced by Prepped and Polished!
James (Wellesley, MA)
Thank you for everything that you did to help me to get into Belmont Hill. I don’t think that I would’ve made it without you. You are the best tutor I’ve ever had; you make things that are boring and difficult into a bearable situation, and you make tutoring easy and fun. I really enjoyed working with you and hope that I get to see you again for my Online SAT Tutoring.

Languages Testimonials

Caroline F. (Bronxville, NY)
Thanks so much! Our Latin tutor David was a Godsend. Our son seems to be off and flying now. You will be my first call when we need anything else.
Imaki Y. (Tokyo, Japan)
If you’re Japanese and need customized English lessons, then I recommend working with Prepped and Polished. The ESL classes are exciting, organized, and I left the class with a lot of confidence.
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Math Testimonials

Jo-Ann S. (Belmont, MA)
I am happy to tell you that she got a 92.5 on her test last week. I think she is going to get a B+ in this class this semester! This is nothing short of a miracle since she had a C before she started with you.

Thank you for all your phenomenal work with her this semester. You just clicked with her!

Margot M. (Natick, MA)
Alexis paired my 7th grader with Daniel for math tutoring. My son now has a clear understanding of the material they are studying, and best of all he has so much confidence! He truly looks forward to his weekly sessions with Daniel. He has made all the difference this year for my son! In addition, the day after their session I receive an email with a thorough description of all the work they reviewed, as well as any homework they accomplished. Thank you Prepped and Polished! I would very highly recommend their services in any area that you need tutoring.
Megan F. (Dover, MA)
I wanted to send a note to thank you for your exceptional work with our daughter. Our daughter jumps in the car at the end of her sessions and looks as though a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She has confidence and this has translated to her performing so well on exams. We received her second-semester grades yesterday and she has an A in geometry! How far she’s come. We are so proud of her but we know she could not have done it alone.
Lourdes F. (Medfield, MA)
Because of all your help, our daughter has a good understanding of calculus and she will be prepared to face any college math that comes her way. Thanks so much and have a wonderful summer!
Lori M. (Wellesley, MA)
My son and daughters have been working with Prepped and Polished for eight years now. The most amazing thing is that our kids truly look forward to sessions with their tutor. They are completely engaged and find it “fun.” Prepped and Polished has developed my children’s confidence in Math, Science, Study Skills, and ISEE prep, and they have therefore become more eager participants in school.
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Practice Testing Testimonials

Eric S. (Needham, MA)
Alexis and his staff are very professional and know their stuff. He helped my daughter determine which ACT/SAT test to take, and made recommendations for follow-up tutoring. Thanks to Alexis, she will take the test that suits her better, and maximize her scores. He’s the man to see for HS tutoring and standardized test prep.
Katelyn K. (Sudbury, MA)
Many tutoring companies offer something similar but just do a raw score comparison. The Test Prep Selector diagnostic and evaluation is pretty extensive in terms of the analysis.
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SAT Testimonials

Sheryl C. (Arlington, MA)
My kids love Aaron. Our son has said no matter how he does on the SATs in June, he’s looking forward to working with Aaron over the summer to bring up his score. Julian is also feeling so much more comfortable with the testing.

As parents, we sometimes hear them interacting and have to give kudos to Aaron. He’s got a witty, fun, yet subtly guiding touch. Very deft.

Teens liking a tutor? Very cool.

Cathy N. (Natick MA)
Our daughter did very well. She increased her score by 100 points in just four sessions! She got a combined score of 1440! Her math went up to 740 and verbal to 700! So, thank you very much for all your help!!!
Alison B. (Natick MA)
Aaron at Prepped and Polished tutored my daughter for two months to prepare her for her junior year SAT. He’s an excellent tutor and working with Prepped and Polished was a great experience. As a parent I really appreciated how the tutor communicated with me weekly, giving me a detailed summary of the tutoring session. My daughter had only positive things to say about Aaron. The bottom line Is that my daughter’s overall SAT score improved by 130 points, allowing her to apply to top-tier schools. Facts don’t lie and I would recommend Prepped and Polished to any parent interested in providing the best tutors out there to help their kid achieve their highest potential.
Janice T. (Braintree, MA)
My son scored a 1250 on the New SAT on his first try. After a few sessions with one of the tutors at Prepped and Polished he scored a 1380, which was 96th percentile in the country. The tutors are excellent and and give great tips on figuring out how to answer questions. Thanks Alexis.
Lynne B. (Sherborn, MA)
Prepped and Polished are a very professional and effective team with excellent tutors, clear communication to parents, and wonderful results! My daughter’s SAT scores went up by 250 points after 6 weeks of tutoring! We are thrilled with the results and more than happy to recommend Alexis and his team.
Shelagh D. (Sudbury, MA)
Our son took his SAT one last time and got 750 Math, 760 Reading, 780 Writing. Tremendous improvement!
Sarah H. (Dubai, UAE)
Sarah is a student who joined Prepped & Polished to prepare for the SAT Dubai. This what she has to say:

I got my scores yesterday and I got a 710 in Reading! I never expected I’d actually go up a hundred points.

Thank you for working with me, it really paid off. I never would have put in so much work if you hadn’t been assigning it every week.
It was great working with you!

Corinne F. (Wellesley, MA)
I can’t thank you enough. Our daughter came home with a new attitude toward the SATs last night and felt the 2 hours she spent with you topped all of the other tutoring she has had thus far. All of a sudden her confidence is through the roof. Thank you!
Jacob R. (Sudbury, MA)
I just wanted to give you guys one last thank you for everything you did! You guys really helped me improve through lots of areas in Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. I improved by a lot compared to the first time I took the SATs, and 390 points since I took the PSAT! I’m certainly satisfied with my scores and also feel I’ve developed in school from the help I received from you guys. So again thank you very much and I hope you guys have a nice summer!
Olga S. (Sudbury, MA)
Thank you very much for your help with our daughter’s preparation for the SATs. She just got her results back and she got a 2230, a score she is very happy with. Thank you for your help.
Isabel (Natick, MA)
May A. (Natick, MA)
My daughter had a great experience preparing for the SATs. The tutor was extremely helpful, and fully engaging. She worked really hard, and improved tremendously (over 450 points), thanks to the approach and methodology used by Prepped and Polished.
Claudia A. (Milton, MA)
Our SAT/ACT tutor was an outstanding teacher and a very pleasant and kind person. She worked well with our son, and the sessions were very productive. The overall experience was far superior to our experience with a company we contracted with for our older daughter.
Beth M. (Holliston, MA)
Amy has been a tremendous asset in improving Ben’s writing and organization of his thoughts. I wish I had thought of having a tutor for him a few years ago. Regarding the SAT prep Amy did with Nick and Ben, a lot was covered during the 6 or so weeks that she worked with the boys and again, great results. Amy had a great connection with both boys and got to know each of their learning styles very quickly. She is laser-focused when she is here and keeps the lesson moving. Both Nick and Ben enjoyed working with her and felt they gained a lot from her tutoring. Thank you again for everything and your flexibility with the SAT prep scheduling.
Megan C. (Natick, MA)
As a junior in high school I can tell you about stress. Sure, it’s not heart surgery or rocket science, but with a combination of school work, extra-curriculars, and sports, life can make even the calmest student tense up. The SATs and ACTs were the largest source of tension for me. I worried almost constantly about how I was going to do and how that would effect my life. I finally asked my mother if we could look into tutoring to help me achieve my best on the SATs and ACTs and remove some of the stress. She found Prepped and Polished in a matter of days, and after my first tutoring session, I knew it was the right choice. My tutor was extremely kind and supportive of my endeavors, he never made me feel guilty about a rough grade or a less-than-stellar piece of homework. He helped to build my confidence about taking the test and school in general, which in turn boosted my grades in school. I saw a great improvement in my test scores and felt, for the first time ever, really knowledgeable at the end of the SAT and ACT. I cannot thank Prepped and Polished enough for aiding me in my quest for better scores and also improving upon my attitude. I have already started recommending the business to friends and relatives, and only wish the best to the people of Prepped and Polished in the future.
Cindy (Wayland, MA)
I just wanted to let you know I got a 2120 on my SATs, with a 700 in Math, 700 in Writing, and 720 in Reading! That’s a 340 point increase from my PSAT score. Thank you for everything!
Todd D. (Southborough, MA)
We highly recommend Prepped and Polished. My daughter Emily was having a difficult time with the Math portion of her SATs after spending months with a different tutoring service. She spent about six weeks with an incredible tutor at Prepped and Polished and learned some incredibly useful techniques, strategies, and study habits. She was very well prepared for the January SAT and went in with a lot of confidence. She got the results back and raised her Math score by 130 points!! Prepped and Polished was very flexible in offering tutor times and gave her an appropriate amount of prep work for each session. She never felt overwhelmed. With her new test results, Emily can now pursue several of the colleges she originally thought were out of reach. Thanks so much to Alexis and everyone at Prepped!
Emily D. (Southborough, MA)
I just wanted to update you on my Math score from the January SAT. I got a 630 and my Math score went up 120 points from last time! I was so excited when I got the results. I also wanted to say thank you for everything! You were a huge help with the strategies and planning. It all paid off!
Terri F. (Natick, MA)
I brought my daughter to Prepped and Polished for SAT Prep. Alexis helped her tremendously!! He gave my daughter useful test strategies and really helped her to focus and improve on her weaknesses. Her scores improved greatly, almost 200 points, along with her confidence. I would recommend Alexis and Prepped and Polished to anyone looking to give their high schooler the best chance to get into their college of choice. Thank you Prepped and Polished.
Adam K. (Wayland, MA)
I hired Alexis for my daughters for their college SATs and to polish up their essay writing. Alexis’s work with them was thorough and tailored to their needs. The program was terrific and Alexis was a compassionate professional—just what my high schoolers needed. They both were well prepared for their SATs and the essay part. Best of all, Alexis had them ready for these dreaded exams with the confidence and ability to achieve their goals, which they did. Thank you Alexis.
Steve S. (Newton, MA)
A friend of mine whose children had worked with Prepped and Polished recommended Alexis to me when my daughter was looking for some “fine-tuning” on her test scores. Alexis worked with my daughter during the summer, not just on math problems but also on general test preparation and strategy. Her scores improved; she will be attending her first-choice college in the fall, and our experience with Alexis and P&P was very professional and productive!
Aden H. (Madrid, Spain)
Just a note to let you know that our daughter Beatriz improved 190 points in her recent SAT exam over her previous performance. It is clear that the tutoring with Prepped and Polished had a very positive effect, and her mother and I want to thank you for your efforts on our daughter’s behalf.

Coming as Bea does from a foreign culture (Spain) and having attended a British school all her life, she was not as familiar with the SAT format as her counterparts in America. Therefore the coaching she received from you was doubly important – first, to fathom the test and learn strategies for taking it, and second to grasp the concepts and knowledge that the test is based on.

Bea has applied early action to Princeton.

Paul L. (Norfolk, MA)
Alexis did a great job with my daughter, Emma. She found his test-taking strategies very helpful and a much more efficient use of her time than one of the other test companies available.
Vincent T. (Natick, MA)
I hired Alexis for my son for college prep and for SAT prep. He has helped him get a fantastic SAT score, but more importantly I have seen many positive changes in my son. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get their son or daughter the best chance at getting into the college of their choice.
David R. (Belmont, MA)
First, Alexis is a gentleman. He is organized, thorough, and diligent in both his preparation and plan execution. Without hesitation I am pleased to recommend Alexis Avila to your son or daughter preparing for the SATs. My only advice, if possible, would be to retain Alexis early so he has the proper time to fully execute his plan. We are most appreciative of his efforts on behalf of our son. Aside from positive results, I feel Alexis refined our son’s preparation approach for taking any examination and instilled confidence. Thank you, Alexis
Sheira M. (Needham, MA)
We have hired Alexis on multiple occasions this year with excellent results! He worked with our 13-year-old daughter, who needed help with focus and organizing homework. Our son is in his junior year of high school and the SAT prep work that Alexis did with him was fantastic. We plan to have him work with Ben for round 2 of SATs and his college essay. I can’t say enough positive things about Alexis and his team—if you have kids in need of a great coach, he’s your guy!
Ron M. (Cohassett, MA)
Our daughter is ECSTATIC with her scores. She just got them yesterday and went up 120 points on the Critical Reading section with a 700. She also got a 760 on the Writing section, which is close to the 99th percentile. Thanks Prepped and Polished for your help!
Maryanne T. (Hingham, MA)
Prepped and Polished helped boost our daughter’s confidence and comfort level in the SAT. Just before heading off to take her exam, she even told me how prepared she felt. The 150-point gain on her SATs is certainly a reflection of the terrific coaching at Prepped and Polished.
Nancy S. (Acton, MA)
Alexis prepared our son to take the PSATs and is now working with him for SAT Test Prep. Alexis has worked hard to establish a personal relationship with my son. Alexander actually looks forward to the tutoring sessions because he enjoys being with Alexis. He is motivated to do the homework required between sessions because he respects Alexis and wants to be prepared when he comes.
Maureen M. (Weston, MA)
Our son was an 11th grader struggling with his academics and his standardized tests. You were able to come in and build instant rapport with our son. Well, we’re pleased to say that thanks to you, he got a 710 on his math SAT, a 180-point increase from the last test, and improved 100 points on his Critical Reading. On top of that, he has turned his grades around and is starting to seriously engage himself in the college process. Words cannot express how thankful we are that we sought your services. You have an uncanny ability to connect with students and bring out the best in them.
David K. (Needham, MA)
Alexis was a key part of the college application process for my 17-year-old son. Because of his youth and his rapport with young people, Alexis was able to relate to my son and motivate him to do the work that was needed in order to raise his SAT scores. As a result of Alexis’s Online SAT Tutoring, my son achieved an SAT combined score that was at least 100 points higher than he otherwise would have achieved. In addition, our son has had great success with his colleges. He got into every school he applied to except BC and he is on the wait list there, so we could not be happier. Thanks for all your help last year.
Karen P. (Scituate, MA)
Working with Prepped and Polished to prep for the SATs, ACTs, and SAT IIs was a stress-free way of preparing our daughter for the standardized tests. She walked into the tests confident of her ability to perform well. There was no last-minute cramming. Most of all, she scored well on every test and only repeated the SATs once. Prepped and Polished was an excellent investment in our daughter’s college admissions process!
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SSAT Testimonials

Carol Y. (Amherst, MA)
Thanks for your help with the SSAT. She improved! Our daughter received acceptance letters from the two schools she applied to: Northfield Mount Hermon and Williston Northampton. She was hoping for NMH and so when that one came through, we were thrilled beyond words.
Tom G. (Memphis, TN)
SSAT prep for my son greatly exceeded my expectations—these folks really know their stuff! The time they took to match my son’s learning style with a terrific instructor was very impressive and indicative of their professionalism and personalized approach. Cannot say enough great things about my son’s instructor! My son really enjoyed his weekly sessions and the results he achieved showed it!

Update: Thought I would update you both on how things ended up with our son’s boarding school search. He went 9/9, with notable offers of admission to: Deerfield, Middlesex, Choate, Hotchkiss and Taft. Not quite sure where he is headed yet.

Could not have achieved this result without your help!

Caleb (Miami, FL)

Thank you for your company’s help on bringing up my score on the SSAT. With my SSAT tutor’s help, I brought my Verbal score up from a 59 to a 95. I got into all three schools I applied to. That includes my first choice of schools, Ransom Everglades School. Thank you again.

Julie M. (Miami, FL)
Our Prepped and Polished SSAT tutor met with my 6th grade son via Skype just a handful of times after an SSAT score that was lower than we expected. She helped him immensely with the verbal section, timing throughout the test, as well as mindfulness exercises to calm his nerves. We are delighted with the results—an excellent score!
Owen C. (Southborough, MA)
Great SSAT test preparation services! Our son got a 99th percentile overall on the November test, and still wants to take the December one to see if he can get a perfect score. Thanks for the help!
Gary R (Boston, MA)
I had my two boys work with Alexis for both the SSAT and SAT Preparation and their scores improved substantially. Our son just got a 34 on the ACT. Great training from the master!
Ann W. (Walpole, MA)
Our daughter had a fabulous SSAT tutor and we were very happy with her sessions with him. She really felt she learned a ton from him and he definitely went the extra mile.
Kim V. (Ipswich, MA)
Our 8th grade son worked via Prepped Online and learned helpful SSAT strategies and overall skills that he would otherwise not know. Our tutor was very professional and our son felt very comfortable working with her.
Jo S. (Singapore)
I am happy to provide a recommendation for Prepped and Polished, both for math tutoring and SSAT test prep tutoring. Perhaps it would help to know first our circumstances. My son also is in 8th grade and looking to apply to boarding schools. We are New Yorkers (home in Manhattan) but due to my husband’s work have been living in Asia for almost 5 years (Singapore and Tokyo). Prior to living in Asia my son attended a private school in Manhattan.

Our son has been working with Prepped and Polished since April/May 2013 via Skype. Initially he did a two-week cram session prior to his taking the SSAT the first time last April, 2013. He has been doing weekly SSAT and Math tutoring since. Our son is a strong student at school and gets consistently high grades. Because our lives in the last five years have had much relocation and changing schools, we found our son’s language arts and math curriculum to have fallen behind the levels being tested on the SSAT.

The preparation work has not only given him a big leg up curriculum-wise but has also made him more confident with taking the test. Our son has taken the test twice and will take it at least once more (maybe twice, depending on his scores). From the first to second test he doubled his scores. The biggest impact of the tutoring has been learning strategies, getting used to a very long and intensive test time as well as covering a lot of materials directly related to what will be on the test.

I can’t begin to tell you how much it helped to calm our son’s nerves in feeling more prepared for the second test. The math tutoring he is receiving has also helped with his math class this year at school, even though they are covering different materials than his school class.

To date, we have had three different tutors from Prepped and Polished. I am genuinely impressed with all of them. These tutors keep the sessions moving and productive. My son always has homework from the sessions and NEVER complains about either the homework or sessions. Rather, he has asked for this support.

From my perspective, the fact that we’ve been able to work out the sessions via Skype half-way around the world is testament to the competency of the tutors and the flexibility of the overall management of Prepped and Polished. They truly want what is best for each student to reach his or her best potential.

You can not begin to understand how wonderful it feels to have this kind of support from half-way around the world! People in Asia (except Japan) sometimes do not understand client support/service the way we do in America. So to be able to have access to top-notch tutors and people like yourself is like having a little bit of home with us here in Singapore.

Janice T. (Braintree, MA)
I hired an initial tutor for my son for SSAT testing for nine weeks. My son took the test and received 54th percentile in Verbal, 55th in Reading, and 64th in Math. After this disappointment, I found Alexis at Prepped and Polished on the Internet and decided to give him a call. It was the best decision I made. After only FOUR sessions my son took the test again and scored 74th percentile in Verbal, 75th in Reading, and a whopping 86th in math. Alexis is very knowledgeable about SSAT testing. My son found it easy to learn from him. Don’t hesitate and make the call to Prepped and Polished. It was the best decision I made and I’m sure it will be the best decision you’ll make, too. He is worth every penny.
Gary R. (Toronto, Ontario)
We are not from the USA and my boys were applying to prep schools and had never written a standardized test. We started the process very late and then found out that the boys had to write the SSATs. The boys wrote the test in November and did very poorly. We were referred to Alexis. He spent several days with the boys over the course of a week. He gave them a lot of homework, which they did. The boys were on Christmas holidays, but worked diligently as they respected and very much liked Alexis. They wrote the test again just after the holidays and did very well. I would definitely recommend Alexis. He understands kids and works very well with them, and obviously knows what he’s doing, as reflected in the incredible improvement in my boys’ SSAT scores.
Clare K. (Sudbury, MA)
Considering that our daughter had never even seen the SSAT format, and given the short time frame, I think she did remarkably well. Thanks Prepped and Polished for your help and for your encouragement.
Jean A. and Rania M. (Brookline, MA)
We decided to apply for independent schools very late. My kids had no previous preparation for the SSAT. We took a pilot test and the results were dismal. We had four weeks to cram. We hired Prepped and Polished. In that time we took two tests and lots of tutoring. The SSAT results improved dramatically and allowed them to get acceptance into top schools. Our son got into all six schools he applied to. Our daughter got into Nobles, Milton, Rivers, and Concord, and is wait-listed at BB&N. We are still in a state of disbelief! Needless to say, the kids are beside themselves and we have to manage our son’s ego right now. Thanks so much for your help! They could not have done it without you!
Jonathan (Newton, MA)
I thought that you would be proud of how good you did prepping me for the SSATs. I got my scores back and I was thrilled! Thank you so much! I would also like to let you know that I got accepted into Belmont Hill. Thanks again Prepped and Polished for all your help and support.
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Study Skills Coaching Testimonials

Judi M. (Medford, MA)
Our 6th grade daughter struggles with executive function and organizational skills. Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy detailed discussion of my daughter’s strengths and challenges, and he reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of what our goals were as a family. In short, I wanted to enable my daughter to be more in charge of her homework planning and execution, which required a strategy that spoke to time management skills.

Alexis found a terrific tutor match for us. Allison has been instrumental in teaching our daughter time management skills in a way that speaks to her, and has taught her habits that work for her. It has been a blessing to have P&P in our corner and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with Alexis and Allison.

If your child is struggling with organization and time management, now is the time to teach them to get a handle on it, and P&P is the source to help you get there.

Jim L. (Weston, MA)
Your coaching with our child was absolutely critical to his completing the year. You have the perfect temperament and tone for dealing with a 17-year-old, disinterested teen. Thanks Prepped and Polished for all your help, patience, and positive reinforcement.
Jean E. (Cambridge, MA)
For the first time in her homework career, Jenna started bringing work and questions to the table to discuss with her study success coach. Whether she was just developmentally more ready to buckle down or it was her tutor’s sensitivity to her, it was under his tutelage that she started to blossom. Her tutor is cool and lots of fun. He found the key to helping my very fidgety daughter take charge and I will be eternally grateful to him.
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Tutoring Testimonials

Lorraine H. (Wayland, MA)
Thank you very much for the service you provide! It really is greatly appreciated.
Our daughter returned from her tutoring session feeling more confident and in control of her Chemistry material. Every part of this “search and find” tutoring experience has been handled professionally and, in my mind, appropriately! I would not hesitate to use Prepped and Polished again.
Todd W. (Norwood, MA)
Alexis and his firm, Prepped and Polished, have been wonderful teachers for the students I have sent for test preparation. My students who have worked with Alexis have all seen their scores improve substantially. Their chances for admission and scholarship increased exponentially due to their rising scores, and I have to thank Alexis for his professionalism and desire to guide college-bound students on the “best path” for their personal journey.
Jit G. (Randolph, MA)
I wanted to let you know that I am applying to medical schools this application cycle, and that I have been accepted to the University of Rochester School of Medicine, NY. I am currently serving as a health educator in the department of Family Medicine at the Carney Hospital, Dorchester, MA. Thanks for all of your tutoring over the years!
Mary S. (Wellesley, MA)
Our son was accepted into Belmont Hill and St. Sebastian’s. We are thrilled with our choices!! Thanks so much for your help!!
Jane B. (Natick, MA)
Last year our son had received B- grades on his essays and I knew he could do better. His teachers didn’t seem to help. After P&P, our son received an A three or four times for the remainder of the year in essays for English and History classes. I believe the sessions also improved his writing for his finals!
Caroline C. (Cambridge, MA)
My Prepped and Polished tutor was not only an excellent tutor but also a great role model for young adults. She always read through my essays thoroughly, gave thoughtful revisions, and made suggestions for ways I could improve my writing. When we met to go over these suggestions, she exhibited not only clear thinking and superb editing skills, but also patience and care in listening to my ideas and goals as we went along.
Cameron N. (Boston, MA)
As someone who worked with clients of Alexis, I know that he always made certain that I was as well prepared as I could be to deliver the best tutoring services possible. His tutors reflect his level of organization, dedication, and excellence.
Rufus W. (Newton, MA)
Alexis has helped our son (who just finished his junior year at high school) focus on the college application process, not only identifying promising schools but also thinking about how he will present himself in the application process. Alexis established an instant rapport and was able to maintain interest and focus, which we would have had a hard time doing without his assistance. As of mid-February, results are positive: of eight (early) applications submitted, we have three acceptances (one from the “reach” category), four deferrals to the regular pool, and one rejection (a “reach” school). We are extremely pleased with Alexis, and highly recommend his college counseling services.
Laurie S. (Wellesley, MA)
Dear Prepped and Polished, words cannot express how grateful we are for all your help! I could not have managed without your help. You have done an amazing job with our son and I know how challenging he is!!
Sandra W. (Weston, MA)
OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!! Prepped and Polished has made tutoring Physics a great learning experience!
Jim M. (Sudbury, MA)
Every person I’ve referred you to has seen their score improve. Also, wanted to pass along some unsolicited feedback from our daughter. She feels her Prepped and Polished tutor is the best tutor she’s had: “He focuses on the work, has a lot of energy, and is very organized. He keeps really detailed notes, so he remembers exactly what we covered and how I did.”

All your tutors are excellent so that’s high praise. Thanks for your help

Michelle P. (Natick, MA)
What a great experience! Our son’s tutor, Michelle, was excellent. While she covered all the material in depth, the approach was highly customized based on areas that needed extra attention. She was able to take what seemed like mundane tasks and make them manageable and easy to complete, ensuring he was completely prepared by test day. Alexis was super organized and always updated us on progress. He even sent our son cookies on his birthday! Of course, results matter, and Prepped and Polished delivered. I’d recommend them without hesitation.
Chantal C. (Natick, MA)
You are a wonderful tutor to our daughter and I want to thank you for everything you do with her. I still can’t believe she wants to step it up academically next year, that she actually has the confidence inside her to give it her best shot! Thank you thank you!!!!
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