Many Newton families and students have worked tirelessly over their high school careers to build the framework for an application that is attractive to prospective colleges. While long term factors like scrupulous attention to GPA, commitment to community service, participation in extracurriculars are major considerations of college admissions counselors, scores on standardized tests like the SAT – that are taken in just one day – can be the deciding factor for acceptance. Local families who recognize the value in their students succeeding on the SAT enlist our expert team of Newton SAT prep tutors to provide their student with the professional edge.

Students across the spectrum of academic achievement can be intimidated by the SAT. Through understanding the seemingly complex rules, time limits, and scoring protocols of the SAT, students can use the entire allotted time to work on the test, without having to rereading directions. We build your student’s familiarity with every element of the test through review, exercises, and simulated tests. Providing your student with accurate expectations of what test taking day provides them with the confidence they need to succeed. Local families trust our team of the best Newton SAT tutors at Prepped and Polished to provide students throughout Middlesex County with premier level preparation.

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It would be impossible to learn all the content that a cumulative test like the SAT examines your student on in one night, week, or even month. What your student can do is practice areas of the test that pose particular difficulty to them. Our team of Newton SAT prep tutors assess you students baseline score (or score on the practice test we provide) to create a schedule of review tailored to their distinct needs, learning style, and time left before test day. One-on-one sessions are provided to ensure your child receive the personal attention they need. Give your student the Prepped and Polished advantage today. Call us at (781) 753 9951 or leave a message on our contact page to get started with our tutoring service

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