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At Prepped and Polished, our primary objective is to provide the highest quality, customized learning experience available for students of all ages. We design sessions that challenge students to pursue their academic and professional goals while helping them develop step-by-step plans that will help them achieve those goals. As such, at the core of Prepped and Polished is a genuine desire to educate and also empower students by meeting them where they are and supporting them in their journey into adulthood!

Through this mission, Prepped and Polished has maintained a long track record of helping students maximize their growth by providing them with strategies, tools and even guidance that will help them succeed in their academic, professional and personal lives.

About Team PreppedSM

At Prepped and Polished, we take a team approach to tutoring.

Boston Tutoring Center

Our Tutors

All our tutors at Prepped and Polished are Prepped and TrainedSM certified, which ensures that every tutor is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, relatable, and motivational. It also guarantees that all tutors maintain constant communication with both the student and the parents, so they can effectively track progress and growth.


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