Sharpen your skills whenever and wherever you want with our selection of Online Video Classes. Our Prepped and Polished tutors have condensed essential information on a variety of subjects into these easy to watch visual lessons. Each video is sprinkled with valuable insight from the lecturer’s academic and professional careers to contextualize their message and promote long-term retention. Many of these classes are divided into sequential parts so you can absorb the content at your own pace. Use this library to introduce yourself to or brush up on key concepts when reviewing homework, studying for a big test or anytime you find convenient.

Video Class Series 1

Our Prepped and Polished tutors guide you through fundamental grammar rules and conventions at a pace that allows you to absorb the information so you can apply it on test day. Essentials like commas, pronouns, subject agreement and much more are covered. While these lessons are targeted at students in grades 9-12, middle schoolers as well as adults also stand to benefit from this review of key concepts.

Video Class Series 2

Refamiliarize yourself with the rules surrounding commas, apostrophes, subject agreement and other grammatical conventions. Our Prepped and Polished tutoring professionals start with the basics – targeting the lesson to younger students. Even so, high-schoolers preparing for college-readiness exams and standardized tests can also take advantage of this resource to effectively brush-up on the fundamentals.

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All our tutors at Prepped & Polished are Prepped and TrainedSM certified, which creates a tutor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, relatable, motivational, and communicates to both the student and the parents.



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