As Dover, Massachusetts parents you’ve been preparing your child for the next stage in their academic career by helping them maintain a solid GPA through quality study habits, encouraging participation in extracurriculars, and providing transportation throughout town from Springdale Avenue to Powisset Street. While your child’s development and your support can be important to admissions officers, scores on standardized tests like the SAT can often make the difference between an average or outstanding application. While it is true that your child’s SAT isn’t everything – it can impact their overall college acceptance. At Prepped and Polished we’ve earned the status as Norfolk county’s premier choice for standardized test prep with our elite team of Dover SAT prep tutor’s personalized attention and proven techniques.

In order for your child to achieve their optimum score, they must first familiarize themselves with the test’s directions and time restraints. Students are often relieved to learn that simply knowing how to take the test can have a profound impact on their overall score. We provide families and students the professional edge on standardized tests by giving your student simulated tests and other one-on-one exercises that will allow them to best use their allotted time on the test instead of wasting time deciphering directions. Our team of Dover SAT and ACT prep tutors can help instill the parameters of the test with your students – we help take the anxiety out of test-day.

Dover SAT Tutors

Though attempted by many students – cramming for a cumulative test like the SAT is not an effective method of preparation. The SAT was designed to portray a student’s overall college readiness by evaluating content mastery and attention to detail. Based on your student’s baseline score (or score on the practice test we provide), our Dover SAT prep tutors can create and implement review programs tailored to their individual needs. Whether a certain math formula is giving your child trouble, or they need to strengthen their reading comprehension skills – our elite local staff will utilize the time remaining before their SAT date to make sure they walk into the test with confidence. Our team’s years of academic experience (many staff members boasting doctorates or master’s degrees), allow us to provide you with personal tips or ‘test taking secrets’ that are normally only learned through painful trial and error. Tips on what foods to eat (and avoid), planning a route to the test, and what to bring on test day are revealed.

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