Prepped and Polished Coaching for Students with Learning Challenges

Studying can be a daunting task, especially for students with challenges in their learning styles. Our tutoring and test preparation for students with learning differences is effective because we work with your student on a one-to-one basis and always custom-design our tutoring and test preparation approach to meet the unique needs of your child.

The Prepped and Polished coaching for students with learning differences method aims to increase students’ motivation and confidence while overcoming academic or social obstacles that may be hindering academic potential. Our coaching for students with learning differences helps your student complete and turn in quality assignments and better prepare for quizzes and tests. They will learn skill sets and strategies for organization, time management, task completion, and self-monitoring.

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“Your tutoring for our child was absolutely critical to his completing the year. You have the perfect temperament and tone for dealing with a 17-year-old, disinterested teen. Thanks for all your help, patience, and positive reinforcement.”

Jim L. (Weston, MA) Learning Differences Client

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