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We prepare upcoming grad students for their GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and MTEL exams. We custom-design each program to fit your specific needs, address problem areas, and create a rigorous plan of attack so you go into test day prepared and confident.

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You’ve diligently spent your undergraduate career working to create the best portfolio possible to help reach your next academic plateau. Though cumulative efforts like a transcript of high marks, participation in campus organizations and first-hand industry experience are essential in building a strong application for any master’s program, it is often your score on grad school tests like the GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT that make the ultimate difference in the admissions office. At Prepped and Polished we provide private tutoring with individualized attention, innovative study techniques and state-of-the-art technology so that you can produce your best results on your grad school test and gain acceptable to the University or College of your choice. Our flexible scheduling options and accelerated material coverage will provide you with the most effective grad school test preparation – no matter how chaotic your schedule is.

Other grad school test prep courses and clinics are often held in crowded classrooms where individual needs have been known to fall through the cracks. Members of our Prepped and Polished team meet with you one-on-one to provide a personalized program of studies and an aggressively targeted review specific to you. If you’re local in Massachusetts, then you can attend your sessions at our Wellesley, Natick or Sudbury, Massachusetts locations, in your home or through the use of our online video conferencing.

We are able to help students across the country and around the world through our video conferencing system. In addition to building your overall proficiency in the content at hand, our elite team of tutors at Prepped and Polished can provide you with indispensable tokens of wisdom into the grad school testing process, gained through their expansive professional experience and academic accolades (many with master’s and doctorate degrees). Under our supervision, you’ll take practice exams to provide you with first-hand experience and data to help us tailor your unique curriculum to.

At Prepped and Polished we take reviewing for grad school tests as seriously as your ambitions to gain acceptance to the program of your choice. We live up to our slogan “Educate. Empower. Evolve” in-part by utilizing the latest tools to help you reach your goals. In addition to receiving comprehensive personal tutoring, you’ll gain access to our plethora of relevant blog posts, podcasts and YouTube videos to assist you with your efforts – whenever you like.

For the professional edge on your GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and all other grad school tests, trust our team at Prepped and Polished to get you test-day-ready with ample individualized review, modern amenities, and confidence building personal insight.

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I highly recommend Alexis and his company, Prepped & Polished (P&P), including for students who live many states away from P&P’s headquarters. Our son, a college senior, lives in Virginia. He is in the process of applying to graduate school in English. He is very busy with school and his job so commuting to a fixed location for a GRE-prep course was a daunting thought. I consulted with Alexis, who assured me that P&P could work with our son online using skype and P&P’s internet-based tutorial software. Alexis also identified a tutor that he thought would work well with our son both in terms of her educational background and personality. Alexis was right! Our son worked great with his tutor, Colleen, in preparing to take both the general and subject-specific GRE. They are able to schedule tutorial sessions at different times and days of the week to suit our son’s schoolwork demands and schedule. Colleen is also working with our son on the application process. Thanks Alexis and Colleen!”

Kim M. (Charlottsville, VA)
GRE Client
“I reached out to Alexis for his advice on preparing for the GMAT test. After we had a discussion regarding where I currently was at (Practice Exam Score) and what my goals were, Alexis set forward a schedule of tutoring sessions and found a tutor that fit my needs. Jason was the tutor that Alexis set me up with and he was terrific. Having been a GMAT 760 scorer, he knew firsthand what it took to achieve a high score on the GMAT. My goal was to earn a 700, a benchmark that most highly-rated schools look for. Over the 10 weeks, I saw gradual progress in my practice score tests. Alexis checked in weekly to ensure that everything was going well. When I took the test, I felt fully prepared for the challenges of the GMAT. I scored much better than the 700 goal score I set – I scored a 740! Thank you to my tutor, Jason! Thank you to Alexis and Prepped and Polished!”
GMAT Client
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