The focus of our SAT Subject test tutoring is to get you ready for test day.

We first look at your baseline score (if you don’t have a baseline, we’ll give you a practice test), then we determine the best plan for YOU from now until test day. You and your experienced Prepped and Polished tutor will go over your previous homework assignments, then work on SAT Subject test content (math, science, language, or history), pacing strategies, test-taking strategies, and relevant exercises and drills.

All parents get a detailed session report at the end of each session. When your student goes into the SAT Subject test knowing how to answer each question confidently, then we’ve done our job.

SAT Subject Tests, The Inside Scoop

Which Should I Take, The SAT Math Level 1 or Math Level 2?
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“My kids love Aaron. Our son has said no matter how he does on the SAT’s in June, he’s looking forward to working with Aaron over the summer to bring up his score. Julian is also feeling so much more comfortable with the testing.

As parents, we sometimes hear them interacting and have to give kudos to Aaron, he’s got a witty, fun, yet subtly guiding touch. Very deft.

Teens liking a tutor? Very cool.”

Sheryl C. (Arlington MA) SAT and SAT Subject Test Client
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