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On episode 164, Alexis Avila speaks to Gregg Cohen Founder of Campus Bound  a company that helps a wide variety of students to apply to colleges throughout the United States. Gregg has presented to hundreds of organizations about financial aid and has appeared on local media outlets such as WBZ-TV and Fox-25 News. Gregg has an MBA from Babson. On today’s episode Gregg talks about How to Maximize Your Need and Merit Aid Scholarships.

Fun fact about Campus Bound? While the national average is 30% that students go to a different college after their first year, at Campus Bound their average that a student STAYS at the same school after first year is at 95%!

Did you know that Merit Aid = Scholarships given by colleges used as a recruiting tool

Did you know that need based aid = when schools look at family finances to determine aid amount

Gregg’s advice to parents: Don’t be shy to ASK colleges for more money. Worse thing they can say is no.

Gregg’s advice for teens: Finding a school that is a best fit for you is what’s most important.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about how to maximize your need and merit aid scholarships? Do you have any questions for Gregg Cohen and Alexis Avila?

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