Brad Baldridge is a late-stage college planning specialist. He helps parents of high school students plan and pay for college using strategies such as merit aid, need based aid, tax planning, savings and investing for college, negotiating with colleges, scholarships and loans.

Over the past 10 years Brad has directly helped hundreds of families plan and pay for college. He has provided in-depth college plans resulting in increased financial aid, scholarships, identification of the right schools at the right price, and better loans.

Brad’s expertise is featured weekly on his podcast, Taming The High Cost of College. Since 2013 Brad and his expert guests have explored and shared great information related to college planning. Brad received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Platteville in 1990.

On Today’s episode Brad gives parents advice on how to better manage their child’s college education.

Did you know? Brad built a specialty in college planning.

What do families do wrong with college planning? They start too late! The key to start early enough.

Did you know? College will cost you between 10 and 70K per year or more!

Brad’s words of wisdom

Do it on purpose instead of by accident. So if you go to college, figure out where you plan to go and what the plan will be when you get there. Don’t just show up at college, get good grades and think it’s all going to work out for you.

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