Alexis Avila speaks to Celest Horton founder of How to Pay for College HQ,  

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Our show is brought to you today by Plan for College videos. My buddy Paul Hemphill has a wonderful series of College Planning videos, about a hundred of them. His videos ask all the questions with answers that parents don’t know to ask, and sometimes parents don’t know what they don’t know, so the frustration ends with his videos.

Our Guest

Celest Horton is the founder of How to Pay for College HQ, one of the leading online resources to help serve others looking to earn a degree debt free. Celest was able to search and secure enough Scholarships to fund her own education and expenses fully, and now, via her weekly podcast and blog, she teaches others how to pay for college without loans.

She is a chemical engineer by trade and does technical sales in the petroleum refinery industry. She has four kids, three of whom are currently in high school.

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