In this video I will talk about why resilient people thrive? I will tell the story of two parents: one who is indecisive, the other who isn’t. Learn why moving forward with confidence can make all the difference.

Quick Story

I have a set of parents, and the wife tells me that she’s horrible at standardized tests, and I’m talking about somebody who’s extremely successful. She just ruminates over everything. She argues every single point. Her husband is excellent at standardized tests, comes up with an answer, sticks to it, and moves on.

That’s the way you really have to handle multiple choice tests, but also, if you think about it, it’s a way that you should handle life. It sometimes really pays just to make quick decisions and move on because like, for example, I struggle with this. I can go to a restaurant, and I’m thinking for 10 minutes what to order. Is it going to be the salmon, or is it going to be the steak?

Sometimes, you just have to choose one choice and move on because in life, there are tons of choices, and what good is it getting stuck on, you know, and ruminating about something that happened in the past? You got to move on. So, I challenge you to move on. It’s going to help you on standardized tests; it’s going to help you in life.

Good luck

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