On this Tutoring Tips episode of The Prepped and Polished Podcast, SAT Instructor Anooj shows you how to ace your SAT Math 2 Subject Test. Anooj scored an 800 on the Math 2 test, so pay close attention to his tips!

1. Study and Practice

The first thing I would do is get your hands on a Barron’s or Princeton Review test prep book and start going through all the content that you feel shaky on. Start going through the book and focus on those content areas that are giving you the most trouble. Read through it very briefly and remember that on math SAT subject tests, the points are going to come from solving problems, not from reading, not from reciting equations. It’s going to be solving problems.

2. Diagnose your weaknesses

Mark those questions you’re getting wrong in the practice tests. What you want to do is figure out what that means when you’re getting those types of questions wrong. You need to do more problems in that set in those sections, you need to read more about them, and if you’re still having trouble, talk to your math teacher in school, or you know, go to preppedandpolished.com and send us an email.

3. Calculator Tips

There are a lot of different equations being tested in the SAT Math 2. Get these equations programmed into your calculator. Go on the internet, go to Google, and just type in the quadratic formula in the TI-83 or 84 calculators and just write that program down into your calculus like a step-by-step tutorial.

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