AP Instructor Anooj shows you how to get a 5 on the AP Physics exams. Anooj got a 5 on his AP Physics exams, so pay close attention to these tips!

Tips to get a 5 on the AP Physics exams

Tip #1: Formulas

There are a lot of formulas on the AP physics exams, and you’ll be using these formulas throughout the entire exam, the multiple choice and the free responses. You have to understand that all of these equations and formulas are going to be used to arrive at the right answer. So it’s very important to know all the formulas, specifically what every formula variable meets and when to apply them.

Tip #2: Units

This is a pretty cool trick to use on the multiple-choice section every now and then. You’ll get these different multiple-choice questions and might not know which formula to use or be a little confused about how to manipulate the values in the question stem to get the right answer. A good check and a good way to do this is to focus on the units. If you’re ever in doubt about which formula to use, look at the units. Some formulas only have certain units. It’s a good way to check you are using the right equation and that you’re going in the right way and solving the problem all right.

Tip #3: Past Exams

On the College Board website, you’ll find a list of all the past AP Physics exams. Go through the free response questions and try to get questions done from every one of the topics. They’re a lot, but focus on those that are giving you the most trouble.

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