Remote learning is a new way of studying at colleges. All thanks to Covid-19. The shift from real classroom to Zoom classroom has been abrupt and not at all easy for college students. But remote learning is here to stay. It is the only way to help college students study and maintain social distancing. So, instead of complaining, it is high time college students learn how to take full advantage of remote learning.

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Many colleges and universities are offering online classes to students. Prepped and Polished tutors even offer high-quality online sessions to students seven days a week. So, be it colleges or subject tuition, remote learning is likely to be used as the preferred mode of teaching for the time being. If you are a college student, then you should get used to remote learning and prepare yourself to make the most of it. Here is how you can do it.

 1. Create a weekly calendar and set your daily schedule

 Create a weekly schedule on your smartphone or notepads for your online classes. Note down the time of each class so that you can attend it on time. Next, set your daily schedule for your studies and homework planning. You have to set a time for studying and doing your assignments. Select the ideal time for finishing your homework. It is best to select a time when you are most focused and productive. Allot a 50-minute break for yourself to freshen up and relax. It will help you to focus on studying. A well-structured weekly schedule will help you to make the most of the remote learning.

 2. Stay focused and alert to avoid missing out on anything

 Proper communication is necessary for remote learning. So, you have to participate in class and communicate with the online tutors. Check your emails for the latest updates on your online sessions. Set reminders for online session times and log in to Skype or Zoom to avoid missing out on lectures.

 3. Create a healthy environment to focus on the study

 A weekly schedule helps you to decide when to study, do your homework, and relax. Next, you have to decide where you want to study. It is wise to select a distraction-free workspace for studying and finishing your assignments. Find a desk or a quiet and comfortable place in the room where you will study. Dedicate that place for your studies only. Make sure you do not select your bed as the place for reading books as it is very tempting to fall asleep there. Plus, keep your smartphone in airplane mode so that you do not get distracted by uninterrupted text messages.

 4. Learn the smart tricks to make the most of technology

 Remote learning is largely based on technology. Unless you learn how to use the various features of technology, it will be tough to make the most of remote learning. If a teacher asks you to share a study, you should put yourself in video mode and speak. Again, if the professor is explaining something, then you should mute yourself in the Zoom so that there is no unnecessary noise or distraction. When the professor asks you to share a PPT presentation on the best way to pay off student loans in Zoom, then you should tap on the screen share option. Thus you will be able to share your PPT slides with others present in the virtual classroom.

 5. Interact with your teachers and friends outside the virtual classroom

 One of the cons of virtual classrooms is that they do not allow you to interact with your classmates and teachers like you did on the college campus. You are not going to bump into a professor at the library or on the campus. You cannot meet your friends like before. But you still have a lot of questions and doubts. If you do not get them clarified, then you will feel disconnected from your professors. And if you do not interact with your friends, you will feel lonely and bored.

 The easy solution to this problem is that you have to look for opportunities for casual social interactions with professors and classmates. You can send a private message using the Chat option in Zoom to your professor. You can text your questions there so that your professor can get back to you later. Prepped and Polished tutors are always there for remote learners. You can ask any questions to the online tutors, and they will try their best to answer them.

 Think about your friends with whom you love to interact. You can call them up or text them via instant messaging platforms after your online classes are over. A burst of hearty laughter with friends can help to uplift your mood and boost your energy.

 6. Take care of your physical and mental health

 When you are stuck at home for several months, it is easy to ignore your health conditions. Call your friends and classmates to unwind yourself. Get adequate sleep every day, maintain a proper diet, and exercise regularly. Wash your hands at frequent intervals. Take a long break after attending online classes and limit your screen time. If you’re on camera for several hours, then it can be quite emotionally challenging. You may feel like you are on a stage, and all eyes are on you. And that can be emotionally exhausting. So, stay away from smartphones for a while after attending classes.


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by Valentina Wilson

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