SAT Instructor Dan M. shows you a how to solve math questions involving radians on the new SAT.

A lot of people don’t understand radians. Maybe you haven’t had it in class yet; maybe you have, you don’t remember. Don’t worry; you are gonna learn everything you need to know for the SAT, and it’s gonna be really simple.

If you haven’t had radians before, I’m gonna give you two things to remember. That should be all you need to know about radians, alright?

You’re familiar with degrees, so 180 degrees equals π radians. Therefore, 360 degrees equals 2π. So, remember, when working with a circle, the measure of all the angles of that circle is 2π all right.

If you have any more questions or want any help with test prep, head over to Otherwise, good luck with your test, and have a great day.

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