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How College Students Can Succeed as a Remote Learner – 6 Useful Tips

Remote learning is a new way of studying at colleges. All thanks to Covid-19. The shift from real classroom to Zoom classroom has been abrupt and not at all easy for college students. But remote learning is here to stay. It is the only way to help college students study and maintain social distancing. So, [...]

Julie M. (Miami, FL)

SSAT Prep Miami Florida, Online SSAT Prep Our Prepped & Polished SSAT tutor met with my 6th grade son via Skype just a handful of times after an SSAT score that was lower than we expected. She helped him immensely with the verbal section, timing throughout the test, as well as mindfulness exercises to calm [...]

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Judi M. (Medford, MA)

Our 6th grade daughter struggles with executive function and organizational skills. Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy detailed discussion of my daughter's strengths and challenges, and he reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of what our goals were as a family. In short, I wanted to enable my daughter to be [...]

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