Tutor Aniela of Prepped and Polished teaches you how to better plan out your homework, quizzes, and tests throughout the week.

Homework Planning

Today we’re gonna talk about homework organization and planning out a schedule for yourself for the week. Ideally, you’re gonna create this schedule on a Sunday night once all of your weekend homework has been finished. You have a blank slate to work with. First step is going to be checking your classroom websites to see if homework has already been posted or if you have an idea of what’s coming up for the week.

You wanna go to the website, write down any of those homework assignments for your classes and then you can use that as the basis for your schedule. If homework hasn’t been posted that’s okay. You’re gonna create gaps in your schedule that you can fill in as you go throughout the week and you get that homework from your teachers. So once you’ve done that we are ready to move to the write board and create our schedule.

Create the schedule

All right. So as you can see at the top here I’ve written an example of what you might’ve gotten off of your class websites. As you can see not every subject is listed; however, this is just to give you an idea of how you would set yourself up to create the schedule. So I have English. Chapter 1 is due Tuesday, chapter 2 is due Thursday and I have math questions 10 through 20 due Tuesday and worksheet 5 due Wednesday.

Now, I’m gonna use that as the basis for setting my schedule. So you would fill in when saying items are due. So chapter one for English is due Tuesday. You could write an E or if this is on an app you could use English as the header. If it’s in your planner, however you wanna organize it, it’s totally fine, like E chapter one, so that I know it’s due Tuesday. And then again Thursday E chapter two. Just like I did with English I’m gonna fill in my math. My math questions 10 through 20 are due Tuesday. So math 10 through 20 and Wednesday in math I have worksheet 5.

Long-term assignments

Now, you also wanna think about any long-term assignments that you might have that are coming up in the week but not necessarily listed on your class website like an English paper or maybe you have a quiz that’s coming up in history on Thursday or Friday. You wanna think about how to build that into the schedule that you already have and not overwhelm yourself. That’s why you’re gonna break it out into this day-by-day schedule to make sure it’s manageable for yourself.

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