Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished discusses two essential SAT study materials to review – especially if you’re crunched for time:

Material 1. College Board Official SAT Study Guide
Material 2. Princeton Review WordSmart Series

The SAT is only weeks away, and you’re starting to freak out; what do you do? I recommend that you get these two essential SAT materials and start practicing.

1. SAT Study Guide

You’re going to first buy the official SAT study guide by the College Board (they make the SAT), and inside this big blue book, you’re going to find ten practice tests. I want you to take one or two practice tests each week leading up to the test. Go over the answers you got wrong and try to improve your practice test score every time you take it. Make it a game.

2. WordSmart

The second essential material I don’t want you to get is by Princeton Review. They make a book called WordSmart, and you can also get Word Smart too. Word smart series has hundreds and hundreds of high voltage essential vocabulary words that will not only help you gain confidence with the sentence completions on the test but also help you get through the reading comprehension.

So get these two materials and don’t stress out. You’re gonna do well. Good luck

What study materials have you found useful? Have SAT prep questions…

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