Tutor Aniela of Prepped and Polished teaches you better time management skills for your homework.


Hi there, it’s Aniela with Prepped and Polished. Thank you for joining us today. Today we’re gonna talk about time management for homework, how to set yourself up for success when attacking just a single day of homework assignments. So the number one thing you want to do is set a schedule for yourself. Maybe you have practice after school and you know you’re going to come home and eat and then attack your homework, but you need to set the time aside to actually complete the homework. So you might say, I’m gonna do my homework from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM and that’s it, or maybe you don’t have practice right after school and you can come home and do your homework right away. I’m gonna sit down from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM and do my homework. If you set an actual schedule for yourself, you are more likely to sit down and actually complete the work.

Step two is gonna be prioritizing. Make a list of what you have to do and make sure that you know when each assignment is due. Homework that’s due the next day is going to take priority and then anything that’s a long-term assignment or due maybe in two days is going to get pushed down lower on the list. Make sure that you also put timed periods for your assignments. If you have three or four different pieces of homework that you need to do, make sure that you time yourself, maybe give yourself 20 minutes to do your math, 20 minutes to do your English, to make sure that you get to each assignment. If you don’t finish them, that’s okay, you can come back to them at the end and finish them. But what happens often is that you think something’s going to take you 20 minutes and then you end up spending the entire two hour period completing one assignment and you don’t get the rest of your homework done. And making sure that you’re keeping yourself to your time limits, you’ll get to every piece of homework and you’ll keep yourself from getting too bored with a specific assignment to sort of wake yourself up if you have to switch tasks and change the brain and how it’s working from math to English, history to science, etc.

Last thing you’re gonna wanna do is make sure that you prep your workspace for success when attacking your homework. You’re probably going to get thirsty or hungry. Make sure that you have snacks and drinks with you so that you don’t get up and go to the kitchen and get distracted. You’re also gonna want to think about how to use your phone appropriately. It’s likely that you probably wanna listen to music while you’re doing your homework. That is totally okay, but make sure that you turn off all notifications for Snapchat, for Instagram, for your text messages. Put those notifications on complete silence so that you don’t get distracted by the group chats that you’re in every, you know, 10 seconds coming in and you won’t be able to focus on your work.

Just to recap quickly, to successfully set yourself up to attack your homework on a day to day basis, make sure that you’ve set actual time apart to complete homework. You prioritize assignments based on when they’re due. You set your space up for success in terms of having snacks, drinks. And making sure that your technology is being used appropriately during your homework time. If you found this video helpful, please give us a thumbs up and visit preppedandpolished.com.

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