Time Management for Homework

Tutor Aniela of Prepped and Polished teaches you better time management skills for your homework. TRANSCRIPTION: Hi there, it's Aniela with Prepped and Polished. Thank you for joining us today. Today we're gonna talk about time management for homework, how to set yourself up for success when attacking just a single day [...]

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Gary R. (Toronto, CA)

“We are not from the USA and my boys were applying to Prep Schools and had never written a Standardized Test. We started the process very late and then found out that the boys had to write SSAT's. The boys wrote the test in Nov and did very poorly. We were referred to Alexis. He [...]

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Sheira M. (Needham, MA)

“We have hired Alexis on multiple occasions this year with excellent results! He worked with our 13 year old daughter who needed help with focus and organizing homework. Our son is in his junior year of high school and the SAT prep work that Alexis did with him was fantastic. We plan to have him [...]

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