Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished discusses three tips to get an A in school.

Pay attention in class and take notes.
Learn to love to do your homework.
Earn your teacher’s respect.

Students come to me with Bs, Cs, and sometimes even Ds and don’t really know how to take their grades to the next level. Here are three ways to get an A.

Pay attention during class

You want to take notes during class, and if you need to refresh your note-taking skills, I suggest taking a summer note-taking course. Now, do you have to jot down everything the teacher says during class? No, you don’t. Just come up with an outline, one that you can refer to later.

Do your homework

Not only to improve your homework grade but also to better prepare yourself for tests and quizzes. And if you really want to get an A, learn to love to do your homework.

Now, you do this by setting up incentives for yourself to complete your homework. So get yourself a snack if you finished your math homework on time, or go to a movie on Friday if you got everything done on Thursday.

And if you’re a slower learner, you’re going to have to put in more time to get an A on your homework. For example, if you have two chapters to read in your US History book, you’re going to have to re-read those chapters and take notes if you’re a slow processor.

Get on your teacher’s good side

I’m not saying put a fresh red apple on your teacher’s desk each and every day. That could hurt your grade. What I’m saying is to try to earn your teacher’s respect. You do this by coming prepared to class and participating in class.

Now, how do you come prepared for class? By doing your homework. Doing your homework, you’ll come armed with questions; your teacher will appreciate that you’re participating.

Also, go to your teacher’s office hours from time to time. Your teacher will appreciate that you’re showing initiative. Don’t be a negative distraction during class. Have a positive, enthusiastic attitude, and I assure you that your teacher will reward you with the best grade you have received so far.

So good luck with your grades, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Which of these three tips do you find most important for getting A’s in school? What are some other ways to get an A?

Post your tips/comments below.

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