SSAT Synonyms

SSAT instructor Terri of Prepped & Polished teaches you how to avoid getting stumped by the attractor answer choices on the SSAT Synonyms section.

Today, our focus is on how to avoid falling prey to attractors on the SSAT synonym questions.

What are attractors?

Some synonym questions, especially medium and difficult ones, retain answer choices that are designed to attract you and steer you away from the correct answer.

4 SSAT Synonyms Tips

Here are four strategies or tips that will help you avoid letting the attractors stump you.

  1. Anticipate the answer.
  2. Part of speech will be consistent.
  3. Before being drawn to an attractor, think of context of word.
  4. Master vocabulary and acquaint yourself with word parts and word origins

Are you taking the SSAT Test? Any follow up qs for Terri?

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