Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished lists his six favorite free online SAT websites.

  1. Khan Academy for SAT Math
  2. PWN The SAT for SAT Math-especially for intermediate and upper level test takers.
  3. Ultimate Verbal Blog-for Critical Reading and Writing
  4. College Board Site-for free practice tests, sample questions, and word of the day
  5. Quizlet-for SAT vocabulary
  6. Free Rice-for improving vocabulary and donating to charity

There’s a lot of information on the SAT, and some of it will cost you money. But these six sites, they will not. And these are my favorite right now.

#1 Khan Academy

If you want to practice your SAT math, go to these YouTube videos. The instructor does a great job explaining all the math problems you’ll find on the old version of the official SAT College Board Study Guide.

#2. PWN the SAT

Site number two that I really enjoy is PWN the SAT. He’s a tutor out of New York who really knows his SATs, and especially the math. You’ll enjoy his math problems and challenges, and you can print out some PDFs.

#3. Ultimate Verbal Blog

The third site I highly recommend is Erica Meltzer’s Ultimate Verbal Blog, and you can increase your critical reading and writing score just by reading her blogs alone. She has a ton of advice to help better your critical reading and writing scores for the SAT.

#4. College Board official site

The fourth site is the College Board’s official site. They have a free practice test on it, and they have some practice problems for each component of the SAT, and you can subscribe to the SAT Question of the Day that gets sent directly to your email address on a daily basis with a very challenging SAT problem.

#5. Quizlet

The fifth site I highly recommend is for vocabulary boosting, Quizlet, which is the world’s most popular online flashcard site. If you search, you can find some big stacks of SAT vocabulary to practice from, and they have games and quizzes so that you can test yourself to see if you’re learning some of that high-frequency vocabulary.


The sixth site I highly recommend is another vocabulary website. My students really enjoy this one. It’s called and there are 60 vocabulary levels. So if you get a question or about three questions in a row right, you increase a level, and each time you get a question correct, you actually donate 10 grains of rice to charity. You feel good while you’re studying SAT vocabulary. So that’s fantastic.

So check out those six sites. I think you’ll really enjoy them. They’re all free to help boost your SAT grade. And I’m also obviously partial to my video blogs on my websites, so you can check those out,

So, good luck with your SAT; I will talk to you soon.

Which one of these six websites would you consider using? Suggest any others?

Post your tips/comments below.

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