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In episode 204, Alexis Avila speaks to Marisa Meddin.  Marisa Meddin is the founder of Talk College To Me an online community that helps students and parents navigate the college admissions process in a way that is FUN and EASY.

Marisa attended The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) where she graduated with a business degree from The Ross School of Business and a minor in environmental science. Marisa’s greatest passion is helping parents gain clarity and confidence in navigating the college admissions process.

On today’s episode, Marisa gives us some ideas on what you should be doing each high school year leading up to college.

Download Marisa’s College Preparation Timeline:

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9th grade is a time to explore. Priority one is getting good grades and signing up for many clubs and figuring out which ones you like best. 10th grade is the year to narrow down your activities and clubs in and out of school. Consider taking the PSAT 10th grade b/c it’s good practice and gets you comfortable with standardized tests. And start looking at colleges casually. End of the year considers taking SAT Subject tests or AP exams.

In 11th grade, there is a lot to do. Take rigorous courses to challenge yourself and keep up your grades. Take on leadership opportunities. And take your standardized tests, PSAT in October, and either ACT or SAT or both.

The beginning of 12th grade is crunch time! Sign up for rigorous classes still b/c colleges do look. College does request a mid-year report and can rescind your acceptance! Start focusing on college essays a few weeks before school starts to reduce stress! Do test retakes if needed.

Marisa’s advice to teens

Shoot for the stars and push yourself but don’t worry if you don’t get into the best college, just succeed in the college you get into.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about college preparation timeline? Do you have any questions for Marisa Meddin and Alexis Avila?

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