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On episode 231, Alexis Avila talks to Jessie Peck Martin.

Our Guest:

Jessie Peck Martin, M. Ed., founder of compassU Educational Consulting, LLC, author of Three Things About College Admissions: I Wish Someone Had Told Me, and creator of the College Admissions Made Simple Virtual Academy, earned a B.S. in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Education from Lehigh University (Go brown and white!). She launched compassU Educational Consulting in 2014, bringing with her 25 years of experience in both classrooms and educational publishing. In 2019 Jessie was named a professional member of IECA and is a member of the New Jersey Association of College Admissions Counselors (NJACAC).

Jessie visits an average of twenty colleges and schools annually. She also meets with admissions officers and colleagues and attends national conventions to stay up to date on the ever-shifting landscape of admissions.

When she is not meeting with students Jessie is busy raising four children (and, so far, has launched two college graduates [University of Chicago ’18, Lehigh University ’19] and cheers her younger son and daughter on the slopes at boarding school [Stratton Mountain School ’22, ’24]), enjoys a yoga class here and there, cares for a sweet and needy Vizlsa and a crazy GSP, and volunteers around northwest New Jersey. When not coaching alpine ski racing or running his business, husband, Dave, is often an innocent bystander to the chaos.

On today’s episode Jessie will teach you how to make the most of the college admissions process during the quarantine.

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To work with Jessie check out

Also, Jessie has created a special coupon code for our listeners to access the two courses she currently has launched at a discounted rate. Normally priced at $129, using the coupon code: PREPPEDANDPOLISHED your listeners can gain access for $49.

College Admissions Made Simple Virtual Academy

Available now: Two online mini-courses for high school-aged students

  • Make the Most of a Virtual College Admissions Event
  • Take Back Summer 2020

Shortly, she will also be launching the following parent & student resources:

  • Finding that Fit, It’s a Three Ring Circus – How to create and finalize a winning college list that meets your student’s academic, social, and financial needs.
  • Your Application Pitch – What’s an application pitch, why every application needs one, and step-by-step guidelines on how to write a winning and authentic pitch.

Jessie’s three tenets:

  1. Start on the inside: start with your unique self, hopes, and dreams. Find a school where you are going to thrive.
  2. Choose excellence over perfection: Have a growth mindset. It’s not about getting the perfect answer, that can create anxiety.
  3. Be pro-active: Don’t wait for things to happen. Get

How college-bound students can make the most of this summer quarantine

There are a lot of opportunities to use this time wisely. Create a small summer project that can help boost your resume and your self-esteem.  Colleges will know more than ever during this time who are the slackers and who are the pro-active students. So get busy during this time!

Jessie’s advice for teens:

Recognize that you are on Earth to do something useful and you have a lot to offer. Don’t let fear get the best of you. Show up every day for yourself.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about How to Make the Most of the College Admissions Process During Quarantine? Do you have any questions for Jessie Peck and Alexis Avila?

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