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Aaron of Prepped and Polished gives you tips on how to self-study for the ACT and SAT tests during quarantine.

The summer is typically seen as a time to relax and enjoy the weather, but it is also an excellent time to get ahead of studying and repairing your college applications for the fall. One of those is dealing with either the ACT or SAT.

If you are preparing for either the ACT or SAT this summer, it is just as important for you to be able to create a system and a plan to study accurately and effectively.

Try to create a study plan and a self-study practice with drills, practice problems, formulas, rules, and memorization techniques that you can do day to day and week to week.

The first recommendation in terms of self-study is to develop and study the rules and or formulas associated with each section. There is a lot of content knowledge in both tests. So it’s important to figure out what’s the most effective way for you to study.

It’s also good for you to use official test prep guides from either the College Board or ACT organization. This allows you to get the closest and most accurate feel for the test based on the companies that actually develop the test.

Get a quiet space nearby with a clock, calculator, pencils, water, etc. Try not to use your phone for your timing or turn off your phone so you’re not distracted.

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