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Crystal Olivarria and Alex Avila discuss ways to help students make better career choices on episode #188 of the Prepped and Polished Podcast.

Our Guest:

Crystal Olivarria is a career consultant and founder of the Career Conversationalist. She raised over $70,000 from grants and scholarships to help pay for her higher education at two private schools; The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco and Holy Names University in Oakland, California. Crystal passes on her knowledge and wisdom by carefully designing programs to help children develop skills they need to have a competitive advantage.

On today’s episode, Olivia gives us her tips on how to win scholarships and launch successful careers.

Crystal’s to winning scholarships?

It’s hard to win if you don’t have a system! You have to learn to fill out applications well. Most common question on scholarship application? what are your educational and career goals? So learn how to articulate this.

Crystal’s advice for picking a college major and career?

Start early on, and the sooner the better. And ask yourself questions about potential colleges and careers, figure out your likes and dislikes, such as do you prefer interacting with general public? Or do you prefer working alone?

Crystal’s advice for teens?

Be mindful of who your friends are and who they are hanging out with. If you are hanging out with kids who are struggling in school then you might struggle in high school and in college. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey!

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about helping students make better career choices? Do you have any questions for Crystal Olivarria and Alexis Avila?

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