On episode 158, Alexis Avila brings back to the show Monica Matthews educator and founder of www.how2winscholarships.com . In 2008-2009, Monica helped her oldest son procure over 100K in scholarship money. Monica now helps parents and students all over the world find and win college scholarship money. On today’s episode Monica shares some of tips we will find in the updated version of her nationally recognized college scholarship guide.

Monica’s updates to her guide include: How to make your online application better and how to better prep for scholarships.

Are you a B- student and want to win a scholarship? Then you CAN! Many scholarships don’t even ask for GPA.

Monica’s advice for teens going to college? Don’t be afraid to apply for scholarships. Jump right in.

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For more information, visit: Prepped and Polished.com.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about your guide to college scholarships? Do you have any questions for Monica Matthews and Alexis Avila?

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