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Alexis Avila Founder of Prepped & Polished, LLC in South Natick, Massachusetts, gives you Four Tips for The Night Before and 4 Tips for the Morning of SAT Saturday.

1. Pack the stuff that you’ll need for tomorrow (admission ticket, photo ID, calculator with fresh batteries, two-three sharpened number two pencils with erasers, snacks and water, sweatshirt)
2. Know how to get to the testing site.
3. Eat well and relax tonight. Watch a movie or read. Study vocab only-flashcards or online vocab on
4. Rest and get to bed early

1. Wake up early
2. Grab a breakfast. Nothing too greasy. Waffles, muffins, bagels, cereal (not Lucky Charms ☺)
3. Do a couple of easy math problems to wake up the brain or memorize ten vocab words
4. Leave for the test site early

So your SATs are tomorrow and I want to give you some tips. So here are four tips for Friday, four tips for Saturday morning.

Four tips for Friday

Tip 1

Pack the stuff all in one backpack. The stuff that you need for tomorrow. Pack your admission ticket. Pack a photo ID and calculator, and make sure that there are some fresh batteries in there. Two to three sharpened number 2 pencils with erasers. Snacks and water. Bring a sweatshirt. I am a Michigan fan, so I am going to bring my Michigan sweatshirt, but you can bring whatever sweatshirt you prefer.

Tip 2

Know how to get to the test site. I know somebody who got to the test site late, didn’t know how to get there, came to the SAT late, and only had ten minutes to do his essay. You don’t want to be that person.

Tip 3

Eat well and relax tonight, Friday night. Have a good meal. Relax means watching a movie or reading. Don’t go to a party. Stay at home, rent a movie. Maybe go out at five, but don’t go to a seven and come back at ten. And get to bed early. Don’t cram for the test. You can study vocab because vocabulary is not going to fry your brain. It’s going to keep you sharp and quick, and if you want to join our online vocab program, shoot me an email.

Tip 4

Rest and get to bed early. Don’t go to bed late. I want you to get to bed at a reasonable time, maybe even a little earlier than you usually do. So you can kind of get your body relaxed and fall asleep and get ample rest. You are going to need it for tomorrow morning.

Four tips for Saturday

Tip 1

Wake up early. You are not going to be too stressed because you’ve already packed your backpack, right? So you are not going to be scrounging around looking for stuff.

Tip 2

Grab a good breakfast. A good breakfast means nothing with too much fat, nothing with too much sugar, because you’re just going to crash and burn. I want you to grab some waffles, muffins, bagels, and some cereal. Don’t get Lucky Charms. Don’t get eggs and bacon. Save that for after as a reward.

Tip 3

Do a couple of easy math problems to wake up the brain and keep you sharp. Or you can memorize ten vocabulary words just to kind of get your brain moving in the morning.

Tip 4

I want you to leave for the test site early. You don’t want to get there late again. The really late ones will probably end up in the worst room, the cold room. So just get there early, and when I say early, 15 minutes early.

Everything is going to go well. I wish you good luck, and I will talk to you soon.

Are you ready for the SAT? What other questions or comments do you have about last minute preparation?

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