On this tutoring tips episode, Alexis Avila talks about why the ACT is an important college admissions test.

Why is the ACT important

Although the SAT has been used for decades in the college admissions process, the ACT has become increasingly popular. It’s actually taking the SATs, America’s most popular test; it’s just an increasingly popular option for students in general. So the following factors have contributed not only to this newfound popularity but are also important.

Almost all schools that require the SAT for students’ applications are now requiring, in lieu of the SAT, the ACT. So you can submit the SAT or the ACT for most or all colleges across the United States now, or you can submit both.

The ACT is based on what students are already learning. So, it’s another reason why the ACT is important. So, rather than testing for IQ aptitude like the SAT, the ACT actually tests questions that are directly related to the math, English, reading, and science that students are learning at school. So, it’s a much more straightforward exam.

ACT is important because the ACT can help students earn money for college. So many scholarships now require a minimum ACT score.

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