Getting a mentor to guide you both in high school and in life is so important. I want to talk about my mentor in high school and how he helped me develop a sense of purpose.

I would say that for most of my high school experience, I didn’t understand what high school was preparing me for. One day in 11th grade, a computer teacher tapped me on the shoulder, and he invited me to participate in a Bentley Spotlight program. I had no idea what Bentley was. I didn’t know what the spotlight program was, but I did, I signed up. Every Thursday, I would drive to Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts. I would hear these wonderful presentations by college students and professionals dressed in suits just giving presentations about the businesses they run, and it really inspired me.

When I went back to high school, I had a new sense of purpose. So, I got lucky because a mentor actually found me and tapped me on the shoulder, and that’s not always going to happen. You are gonna have to find the mentor yourself.

What is your biggest takeaway from this vlog about Why Getting a Mentor in High School is Game Changer? Do you have any questions for Alexis?

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