Aaron of Prepped and Polished tells you when you should or should not take the ACT or SAT Optional essay.

Both the ACT and SAT have developed a structure that at the end of either test, if a student signs up for it, they have the option of taking the essay. You should always double-check with the specific college or university that you’re applying to to see what their stances are on the optional part of the essay.

Sometimes colleges will require or recommend the essay so that they get a better holistic viewpoint of a student beyond the scope of just the ACT or SAT composite or combined score as well as beyond the GPA and the college essay applications that they do. Sometimes, it’s good to know ahead of time if you are going to require it because if they are, you need to take it. If they recommend it, then contact that school or university to see if it would benefit you to take it.

If you’re a strong writer definitely work that to your advantage. Moreover, if you feel like writing is a passion of yours and you can write anything from fiction and non-fiction to critical analysis, then take the essay to prove to those schools and universities how great of a writer you are.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about When you Should and When you Should NOT take The ACT or SAT Optional Essay? Do you have any questions for Aaron and Alexis Avila?

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