Alexis Avila of Prepped and Polished talks about timing for SAT subject test.

When to take SAT subject test

The SAT Subject Tests are to demonstrate your mastery of a particular subject. It also helps strengthen your overall college portfolio.

While some colleges require SAT Subject Tests, other colleges may not require them, but they will be impressed to see that SAT Subject Tests are on your college application.

Overall, I recommend that you take SAT Subject Test at the end of the school year because at the end of the school year is when you’ve had a year’s worth of material under your belt, and the content of the course that you just took will be fresh in your mind.

It doesn’t apply to all subject tests, but I would say collectively, really consider just piggybacking the end of your school year and taking one of the SAT Subject Tests that corresponds with the class that you just finished.

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