Aaron of Prepped and Polished talks about what top scorers on both the SSAT and ISEE share in common.

1. Organization

The number one is a student who’s taken the ISEE and SSAT and scored well, is very organized and has a very particular level of comprehension for the timeline that they have. Most students who are taking the SSAT and ISEE know how much time they have in front of them.

2. Willing to learn

The second thing that top students share in common is that students who have top scores on the ISEE and SSAT have a willingness to learn. There’s a lot of content to be considered for each of these tests, specifically math and verbal.

3. Goals and determination

The third thing top scorers share is they have goals and determination. If a student is aiming for top-notch schools, sometimes that determination to do well and also achieve certain goals, that drive component, can really make a difference for a student.

4. Test taking strategies

The fourth thing top scorers share in common is they know test-taking strategies for performing well. Top scorers know how to recognize and approach certain questions. They also use strategies such as process of elimination and time management to execute successfully.

5. Practice study

The fifth thing top scorers share in common for both the ISEE and SAAT is that they practice and study. A student who’s coming in practicing and studying all the stuff and even during tutoring and learning and practicing, those are the students who are going to be exposed to more content will be better prepared for when the test comes.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about What Top Scorers on the ISEE and SSAT Share in Common? Do you have any questions for Aaron and Alexis Avila?

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