Your child’s performance on standardized tests like the SAT can have a significant impact on where they get accepted into college. These tests are designed to present prospective schools with a representation of your child’s academic performance. At Prepped and Polished we help students put their best foot forward to admissions officers through attaining your child’s personal best score on the SAT. Our staff of experienced Wellesley SAT prep tutors will tailor-fit SAT programs to the individual needs of your student. Your student’s one-on-one SAT tutoring will be comprised of a baseline test, key strategies, exercises, and custom homework designed to cater to unique learning styles and address problem areas. Our Wellesley SAT prep tutors have years of experience helping nervous students become confident and high scoring test-takers.

The process of preparing for and taking the SAT is different from that of any other test your student has encountered up to this point. Much of performing well on the SAT is simply knowing how to take it. Because so much of your student’s overall performance is boiled down to one test, it is possible (and somewhat common) for students with good grades to get low SAT scores and vice versa. This is, in part, due to the rules and time restraints of the SAT. That’s why it is important to have a thorough understanding of the SAT rules and directions. This simple advantage will give your child extra time (that wasn’t wasted on the directions), the ability to make informed decisions by eliminating wrong answers, knowing when to guess, and how each choice will impact your child’s overall score.

Sudbury SAT Tutors

At Prepped and Polished we staff an elite team of locally experienced Wellesley area SAT prep tutors – many with masters and doctorate degrees. Your student will be learning invaluable tips and tricks from successful academic professionals. We’ll even provide your child with valuable test taking insights such as what foods to eat (as well as what to avoid), how to plan your night before the test, what supplies to bring the day of the test and much more.

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At Prepped and Polished, we take a team approach to tutoring.

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All our tutors at Prepped & Polished are Prepped and TrainedSM certified, which creates a tutor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, relatable, motivational, and communicates to both the student and the parents.


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