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On episode 122, Alexis Avila talks to teacher Vicki Davis founder of the award winning teacher blog, Cool Cat Teacher. Vicki started her blog with three central themes in mind:

1. How to use technology and be a better teacher. (Which sometimes means putting away the technology)

2.How to build a better relationship with my students.

3. How to live a better life at home by making key decisions at school. As a result of her blog Vicki has developed an amazing online presence with over 123,000 Twitter followers, and 130,000 monthly downloads for her podcast, Every Classroom Matters .

Vicki has written for Edutopia, the Washington Post, and the Atlantic. She has spoken at Harvard and Princeton and at major technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Discovery Education. On Today’s episode Vicki talks about how the classroom has changed in the 21st century and shares with us the types of resources you will find on her amazing blog, Cool Cat Teacher.

Some suggested writing apps: Grammarly, Hemingway, and Prowriting Aid

Advantage to technology in classroom: Teacher’s can clone themselves on Youtube for example, so student’s can learn at own pace.

Vicki’s words of wisdom for teens: Ask wise mentors and parents for advice, and don’t necessarily lean on your buddies for advice (will probably get the wrong advice!!) And remember, you are a MASTERPIECE!

For another related podcast on the 21st century classroom make sure to listen to Episode 13, my conversation with TED international teaching award winner, teacher Jamie Cohen, Life in the 21st Century Classroom


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