Will your student end up taking the SAT, the ACT, or both?

This is a difficult and often-stressful decision to make. The Prepped and Polished Test Prep Selector ACT/SAT Hybrid Test is our proprietary formula that best determines your test prep success. Worked and reworked over the past 15 years, it is the most comprehensive ACT/SAT Hybrid test on the market. The Prepped and Polished Test Prep Selector was created to predict whether your child will be more successful taking the ACT or the SAT (or, in rare cases, if your child would be better off taking both).

After we hand-score the results, we will send you a diagnostic evaluation that determines your child’s best test and identifies specific areas on which to focus your child’s customized test preparation.


“Alexis and his staff are very professional and know their stuff. He helped my daughter determine which ACT/SAT test to take, and made recommendations for follow-up tutoring. Thanks to Alexis, she will take the test that suits her better, and maximize her scores. He’s the man to see for HS tutoring and standardized test prep.”
Eric S. (Needham, MA)
ACT/SAT Client
“Many tutoring companies offer something similar but just do a raw score comparison. The Test Prep Selector diagnostic and evaluation is pretty extensive in terms of the analysis.”
Katelyn K. (Sudbury, MA)
ACT/SAT Client

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