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We at Prepped and Polished help students in Massachusetts, across the USA and around the world get a professional edge in the classroom with subject specific tutoring

At Prepped and Polished, we help students of every skill level and age group, as well as those with various neurodiverse traits, reach their full academic potential while fostering lasting confidence and instilling strategies that can be applied throughout their schooling and professional careers. Unlike most traditional extra help sessions that take place in a crowded classroom, we hold our K-12 academic tutoring sessions in a one-on-one setting to give your child the individualized attention they need to thrive.

We understand that even families who recognize the importance of academic tutoring for their child often forgo it due to logistical challenges like busy schedules and transportation complications. We address this reality by offering a range of flexible attendance options. In addition, we hold our in-person sessions at our Newton, Natick, Wellesley or Sudbury, Massachusetts offices. There is also an option where our tutors can travel to your home and conduct in-house sessions for your convenience. Sessions can even be attended remotely using face-to-face video conferencing and live screensharing software. These options can be combined and adjusted as you see fit.

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We take a completely personalized approach to K-12 academic tutoring. Following an initial meeting with you and your child, we pair them with a tutor who can cater to their specific learning style and is compatible with their unique personality. From there, we craft a course of study designed to fortify their current curriculum, sharpen existing strengths and directly address any areas that can be improved upon. The Prepped and Polished team includes professional educators and graduates from some of the most elite schools in the nation including Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Vassar, Duke, the University of Michigan and MIT. These accomplished individuals bring valuable personal insights acquired over their academic and professional careers to every tutoring session.

No matter what area of studies your child needs assistance with, you can count on our team of professionals at Prepped and Polished to help them foster content familiarity, improve test scores and build lasting confidence. We specialize in subject specific tutoring for topics like math (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, and more), science (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, physiology, anatomy, and more), languages (Spanish, French, Latin, German, Korean, Chinese, Farsi and more), history (US and world, sociology, psychology and more), and English (writing, essay editing, critical reading, grammar review, vocabulary, literature, and more).


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