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Interview Etiquette Tips

Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished asks Janet Parnes of Etiquette for Today to list three important interview etiquette tips.

1. Come armed with questions to show that you are interested and engaged.
2. If the interviewer offers you a cup of coffee, decline it.
3. The only appropriate cell phone mode is off.

Today, I’m with Janet Parnes, a Boston-area etiquette consultant who teaches children, teens, and young adults how to be more respectful, confident, and considerate. Janet received her training from the Protocol School of Washington and has over five years of etiquette teaching experience.

Many young people equate an interview with an emotional endurance test. You sit in a chair, the interviewer publishes you with questions, and you hope you give the right answers. But I tell my students it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are three tips that can help you to execute a confident, comfortable interview.

Tip# 1

Remember that interviewing is a two-way process. The interviewer is gathering information to determine whether you are an appropriate fit for his school or business, but you do not take a passive role. Come on with questions to show that you are interested and engaged.

Tip# 2

If the interviewer offers you a cup of coffee or sonor, decline it. Where do you put the cup? On the floor next to your foot? On the interviewer’s desk? A random twitch of your foot and arm reaching across the desk, and whoops, the cop topples, and the focus of the interview is now on a puddle. You are left wondering if you have just dampened your prospects.

Tip #3 

The only appropriate cell phone mode is off. A phone that vibrates in your pocket distracts you, thus distracting the interviewer, and your entire interview is off track.

So keep these three simple tips in mind and you may find that your next interview is not an emotional endurance test but an enjoyable experience.

For more etiquette tips, please visit Etiquette for Today.

What was your favorite interview etiquette tip? Any additional interview etiquette tips you wish to share?

Post your questions/comments below.

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