On this grammar tips episode, Alexis Avila gives you a breakdown of there, their, and they’re, and helpful tips to remember when to use which word to avoid this common grammar mix-up.

Here’s a quick breakdown between the three, and helpful tips to remember when to use which word and avoid this common grammar mix-up.


There represents a place, like in the sentence Please put the hat over there, there represents where the hat should be placed. If you’re using in a sentence, think of another word used to represent places, . fits nicely into , so you can be sure you’re using the right spelling!


Their shows plural possession, like in the sentence Their hats belong on the rack, with meaning a group of individuals. To be sure you’re using correctly, try substituting into the sentence. For example, Our hats belong on the rack is just as correct as Their hats belong on the rack, making the usage of correct.


They’re is a contraction, the shortened version of. It can be used in a sentence like They’re going to buy some hats, with ‘they’re’ standing in for. To be sure to use this word correctly, always test if the sentence still makes sense when you use the full spelling of .

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