Effective March 2024, the SAT will go to a digital format. Here is a helpful slideshow on ten things you should know about the digital SAT.

Alternatively, you can download the full slideshow as a PDF file.

  1. Adaptive testing in the digital SAT ensures precision and accuracy.
  2. The digital SAT is shorter by an hour. It spans approximately 2 hours.
  3. US students will get digital PSAT variations in fall 2023 for familiarization.
  4. By spring 2024, all SAT School Day tests become digital, therefore increasing flexibility.
  5. Digital SAT starts internationally in 2023, expanding global student access.
  6. Each student receives a unique digital test form, thus minimizing sharing risks.
  7. Practice options include the Bluebook app and Khan Academy’s SAT Prep or Prepped and Polished.
  8. Students will use a laptop or tablet with a custom-built application.
  9. Registration for the digital SAT starts in Fall 2022, with US introduction in Spring 2024.
  10. By March 2023, international centers adopt the digital SAT; the US will follow in Spring 2024.

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