The Prepped and Polished Podcast is an educational and inspirational show that offers tutoring and test prep tips as well as interviews with celebrities and leaders in education. It is hosted by Alexis Avila, founder of Prepped and Polished LLC, a tutoring and test prep firm for K-college.

On today’s show, Alexis continues the tutoring tips series. Today he talks SAT’s as he helps you prepare for your college entrance exams by listing his recommendations for The Ten Best Free SAT Websites:

1. Khan Academy:
2. PWN The SAT:
3. The Critical Reader:
4. Perfect Score Project:
5. Official College Board Site:
6. Quizlet:
7. Free Rice:
8. Higher Scores Test Prep:
9. SAT Dude:
10. Prepped & Polished blog:

Enjoy, Thanks for Listening and remember at The Prepped and Polished Podcast, We Empower You to Take Control of Your Education!


What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast? Tell us which one do you liked the most ?

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