Study Skills

Jim L. (Weston, MA)

"Your coaching with our child was absolutely critical to his completing the year. You have the perfect temperament and tone for dealing with a 17 year old, disinterested teen. Thanks Prepped & Polished for all your help, patience and positive reinforcement."

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Lori M. (Wellesley, MA)

"My son and daughters have been working with Prepped & Polished for eight years now. The most amazing thing is that our kids truly look forward to sessions with their tutor. They are completely engaged and find it 'fun'. Prepped & Polished has developed my children's confidence in Math, Science, Study Skills and ISEE [...]

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Jean E. (Cambridge, MA)

"For the first time in her homework career. Jenna started bringing work and questions to the table to discuss with her study success coach. Whether she was just developmentally more ready to buckle down or it was her tutor's sensitivity to her, it was under his tutelage that she started to blossom. Her tutor [...]

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