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Jo S. (Singapore)

"I am happy to provide a recommendation for Prepped and Polished, both for math tutoring and SSAT test prep tutoring. Perhaps it would help to know first our circumstances.  My son also is in 8th grade and looking to apply to boarding schools.  We are New Yorkers (home in Manhattan) but due to my husband's [...]

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Gary R. (Toronto, CA)

“We are not from the USA and my boys were applying to Prep Schools and had never written a Standardized Test. We started the process very late and then found out that the boys had to write SSAT's. The boys wrote the test in Nov and did very poorly. We were referred to Alexis. He [...]

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Clare K. (Sudbury, MA)

"Considering that our daughter had never even seen the SSAT format and given the short time frame, I think she did remarkably well. Thanks Prepped & Polished  for your help and for your encouragement."

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Adrienne B. (Newton, MA)

"We initially contacted Prepped & Polished for ISEE preparation for one of our children. The study methods were both effective and fun, causing us to continue the services for both of our children throughout the school year."

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Fran H. (Wellesley, MA)

"I have hired Alexis and Prepped & Polished to tutor my twins for two years in a row. He first worked with them in the beginning of their 6th grade year in preparation for their first ISEE. After 6 or 8 sessions both kids were relaxed and prepared to take the standardized test. They [...]

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