On episode 102, Alexis talks to college coach expert and writer Suzanne Shaffer of the popular college coaching site, Parents Countdown to College. Suzanne brings a unique perspective to the college admissions process, the PARENT’S perspective. On today’s episode, Suzanne shares her personal story and insights on how she helped her own kids navigate the college admissions process. If you are a ‘do it yourself’ kind of parent, this episode is a must listen.

Suzanne’s must do’s:

  • Apply to local scholarships.
  • Apply to colleges where you are going to shine.

Suzanne’s things to avoid

  • Don’t waste time applying to scholarships that you don’t think you have a chance winning.
  • don’t apply to colleges without visiting first.

Her ‘a-ha’ moment:

  • Everyone qualifies for financial aid, just fill out the FAFSA form!

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