The SSAT is likely the most important exam your child has faced up to this point in their academic career. Even if your child has built a strong secondary school application, their acceptance status could hinge on their standardized test score. At Prepped and Polished, we help local students perform their best on test day so that they can stand out from other applicants and gain admission to the college of their choice. Our consistent results, proven techniques and one-on-one approach have helped position us as the go-to-choice for a Sudbury SSAT test prep tutor.

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Wellesley SSAT Test Prep Tutor

Individualized SSAT Test Prep

Our personalized approach ensures that your child receives the direct attention they need to succeed. We start by paring your student with a Sudbury SSAT test prep tutor who has a compatible teaching style and can best cater to their specific learning abilities. Next, we gauge your student’s current level of preparedness by administering a practice SSAT. From there, we can collaborate with you and your child to create and implement a custom test prep strategy. This plan is designed to address areas with room for growth as well as sharpen existing strengths, while instilling invaluable test taking skills and fostering confidence. We also share ‘secrets of the SSAT’ like what supplies to bring, time-management skills, how to pack the perfect lunch and more.

Accessible Attendance Options

Too often, students forgo working with a Sudbury SSAT test prep tutor due to transportation conflicts, hectic schedules and other logistical challenges. The flexible attendance options that we offer at Prepped and Polished are designed to break down barriers between your child and the extra help they need. Have your child work with their SSAT tutor in one of our local offices or request them to visit you. Our staff can travel to local homes, libraries and other convenient settings of your choice upon request. Your child can even meet with their tutor online. If requested, we’re able to use video conferencing and screensharing software to facilitate seamless remote sessions.

See What Students and Their Families Have to Say

Our reputation as the best company for a Sudbury SSAT test prep tutor is built, in part, on positive feedback from those we serve. Miles A. shares his family’s experience, “Prepped and Polished does a great job preparing students for entrance exams. Four of my children have studied there, all with Aaron, and it’s been a great experience for them. Confidence building and educational. From the SSAT to SAT, I can strongly recommend their services.”

Julie L. touches on our professionalism and flexibility, “My husband and I chose Prepped and Polished Tutoring to help prepare our son for the Upper Level SSATs this fall. From the start, we noticed CEO, Alexis Avila and the staff were professional, returned our calls quickly and were accommodating as we tried to schedule sessions around our son’s busy school, homework and sports schedule.”

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About Team PreppedSM

At Prepped and Polished, we take a team approach to tutoring.


Our Tutors

All our tutors at Prepped & Polished are Prepped and TrainedSM certified, which creates a tutor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, relatable, motivational, and communicates to both the student and the parents.



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