Alexis Avila of prepped &Polished suggests healthy ways for parents to stay in touch with their college-bound child.

Stay in Touch with Your College-Age Kid

While your child is away at college, it can be very difficult for both the parent and the child to stay in touch. So here are some healthy ways to stay in touch while your child’s away to college.

1. Schedule a weekly call

Schedule a weekly phone call and stick to it. Your child is going to have a very busy college schedule. But he’ll have no problem fitting you in as long as you stick to a consistent calling routine. Now, use common sense on what day and time you’re going to allocate for this weekly phone call.

2. Don’t rely on social media

One thing you don’t want to do when thinking about keeping in touch with your college-bound child is don’t rely on Facebook and Twitter. Kids like to communicate with their friends, not parents, on social media sites. So instead, use the power of the phone call or use Facetime to develop that stronger bond with your college-age kid.

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