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On episode 108, Alexis talks to nationally known educator college coaching expert Sia Knight.  Sia Knight’s story is one of triumph in the face of adversity and achievement against all odds. This former teacher, counselor and administrator has transcended humble beginnings to become an educational specialist in one of the largest school divisions in the country.

Key Tips

On today’s episode Sia shares some key tips, that every college applicant should know, including:

  1. Understanding the importance of deadlines
  2. Making sure you use the name on your social security care on all college app documents
  3. When taking the SAT or ACT, to put down the names of college you will probably apply to
  4. Check your email frequently!

Bonus Tip

Set up a special email address just for college admissions

Sia on college admissions mania: “college admissions can be really sressfull but the smart thing to do is prepare early

Key Tip: Speak to your middle schooler about college and career. This will instill desire and motivation to want to get into college and do well in the future.

Key Advice: Pay attention! Pay attention to each lin on the scholarship application, pay attention to instructions, or you will get left behind!

Sia’s words of wisdom for teens: Get ready for college in a systematic, organized way. PLAN IT, DON’T PANIC!

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