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Tips for Senior Year Success

Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished recommends 5 tips for Senior Year of high school.

Get good grades and show leadership.
Take standardized tests if you aren’t satisfied with your scores.
Finish your college essays by late August or September.
Submit college applications about a month before the deadline.
Visit your guidance counselor and teachers weekly to stay on track.

Senior year high school is an exciting time for seniors, but there’s still steps you’re going to have to take to do well to graduate successfully. So this is what I recommend:

1. Get Good Grades

I recommend getting good grades and showing leadership during senior year. Senior-year grades do count. Colleges can take away your acceptance letter if you mess up. Plus, do well academically in your senior year for yourself. Doing well academically will give you that boost going into college.

2. Take standardized tests

Take some standardized tests during the fall senior year if you’re not satisfied with your college, I mean, with your standardized test scores up to this point. So, take the ACT again in September and take some SATs or subject tests in October or November. If you’re really desperate, take the SAT in December up to January.

3. College application essay

Try to get your college application essay out of the way by the end of August or by September. You don’t want to have to write college application essays in October or November when you’re filling out all these applications and doing a million other things; it’s really stressful.

4. College application deadline

Try to submit your college applications about a month before the deadlines. Early bird gets the worm, so for example, if you have college application deadlines for January, try to get those college applications out of the way well before the holidays. You don’t want to spend all night during the holidays having to fill out college applications while everybody’s having a good time passing
around the eggnog.

5. Weekly visits

I recommend that you make sure to pay frequent weekly visits to your guidance counselor, who’ll be submitting your transcripts, and to your teachers, who’ll be filling out college letters of recommendation. Checking in with them and making sure they’re aware of deadlines and passing everything in on time.

So take care of these things, and I guarantee you’ll have a big smile on your face when they call your name to the podium.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Which of these five tips do you find most important for Senior Year success? Do you have other tips to share?

Post your tips/comments below.

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